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1939 in London Anderson shelters were being built and headlines

1939 in London Anderson shelters were being built and headlines


1939 in London. Anderson shelters were being built and headlines spoke of the war.

In Photos: London In 1939

In Photos: London In 1939

Source Old London ...

Source Buzzfeed London's smallest fire station 1939

Air raid warden in damaged area

The blitz bombing of London happened 74 years ago [GETTY/EXPRESS]

A newspaper seller carries a hoarding pronouncing the declaration of war between Britain and Germany,

Source Old London Swimming in the Thames, 1939

Bombs dropped in Camden - Bomb Sight - Mapping the World War 2 London Blitz Bomb Census

Source Old London Fulham FC footballers clear snow from the pitch before their cup tie with Bury, 1939

A woman in Clapham (south London) waters vegetables planted on the roof of her Anderson shelter in the garden.

Mrs E Cullen was protected by her Anderson Shelter when a bomb fell nearby during a

Vintage London Underground posters auction - In pictures

Black and white photos of Tube being built released for 155th birthday

World War Two - British Empire - The Home Front - The Blitz - Shelters - London - 1940

Stern Reminder

Source The Ripper Female fire guards practising a hose drill on the Bank roof, 1939. Source Old London ...

The Kardomah Cafe, outfitted as an air raid shelter during wartime, Fleet St,

A New Look at Civilian Life in Europe Under HitlerA New Look at Civilian Life in Europe Under Hitler

A small air raid shelter designed for people to erect on their properties in preparation for the expected bombing campaigns of World War II, ...

City of Westminster, London, air raid shelter direction sign - London - September 1939

Blockade of Germany (1939–1945)

Workmen erect Anderson shelters in the street for houses without gardens, September 1939 Vintage London

Source Old Pics Archive The Hope Tavern on Pollards Row, Bethnal Green, 1939

Headlines in London the day Britain declares war on Germany. September 3, 1939. Unattributed

The shelters were supposed to be buried three feet underground in back gardens with eighteen inches of earth piled on top. They were small and cramped, ...

A London bus is swallowed by a crater after the attack on Balham station in 1940

New York Times Paris Bureau CollectionView along the River Thames in London as smoke rises after an air raid on Sept. 7, 1940.


Strategic bombing

A group of Pioneer Corps enjoy tea and buns, bought from the WVS canteen on a cleared bomb-site, somewhere in London, 1941. This site had just been cleared ...

New venue: The bunker underneath Soho Square

Source Old London Children of Polish Jews on their arrival in London, February 1939

The end of appeasement the German Army invaded Poland on 1st September 1939. Britain and

Christ Church, Spitalfields: The crypt in use as an air raid shelter. -

The UK Ministry of Health advertised the evacuation programme through posters, among other means. The poster depicted here was used in the London ...

'V2 blitz on London '

The Coventry Blitz: 'Hysteria, terror and neurosis'

A Mass Observation report from one of London's largest shelters asserted that 'prolonged observation,

Children ...

How the Daily Express reported the bombing [EXPRESS]

1061316 © Huntley Film Archives World War Two. Bombing of London and the London Blitz

Stephen Moss' mother's terraced house in Raglan Street, Newport, which was bombed during

1939 timeline

A family entering an Anderson Shelter

Rather than allow people to congregate in large shelters – where they could possibly challenge authority – they were to be kept dispersed, in manageable ...

Details about 1939 Newspaper Declaration of World War II Daily Mirror Vintage Old London Retro

All evacuation plans work without a hitch as thousands of children are sent to safety in the countryside.

... the shape of well constructed shelters are in evidence. Particularly in the parks where deep, arched brick and concrete accommodation is being prepared.

A view of London's Onslow Square, showing the ablution and mess huts which have been constructed in the road to house the builders (groups of whom can be ...

Hull Blitz

Jammed on Underground platforms, putting out fires, digging families out of air-raid shelters, waking to find an unexploded bomb in the garden, ...

Evacuees From Bristol boarding a bus at Kingsbdirge in Deven enroute to their billets

A panicked nation chose, en masse, to lead their beloved pets into the jaws

A panorama of the Liverpool Blitz.

Second World War II newspaper front page " This is VE Day: The King and the Premier Will Speak" "WAIT FOR IT - TILL 3" London England UK 8 May 1945

Title page from 'Shelter Sketch Book' by Henry Moore

Londoners sleep in Elephant and Castle Tube Station during the Blitz.

Government leaflet, your Anderson Shelter this winter, 1939-45 | by Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Ordnancemen loading belted cartridges into SBD-3 ...

J. Hamilton Hay's rendering of the electric car terminus.

A wide view of the bomb-damaged shell of the John Lewis department store on London's Oxford Street, following an air raid in September 1940. -

Residents finally got much needed rest, such as at Dover, because they couldn'

Amazon.co.uk: Watch World War II Diaries - The Complete War Report | Prime Video

The Blitz in Colour


Second World War / WWII, Poland, 1939, connection of Gdansk to the German

The statistics tell their own story. The number of illegitimate births in England and Wales

Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain announced that Britain was at war with Germany on this day in 1939.

Shop mannequins are among the debris that litters the pavement outside the John Lewis department store on London's Oxford Street, following an air raid on ...

Operation Pied Piper: Evacuation in 1939

1001350 © Huntley Film Archives South East London one small area of Dockland the aftermath of

2 1939 headline display newspapers WW II BEGINS as NAZI GERMANY INVADES POLAND

Bing Crosby, stage, screen and radio star, sings to Allied troops ...

Drinking tea during the Blitz (June 1941)

Child evacuees from Bristol arriving at Brent in Devon in 1940

The interior of a wellequipped airraid shelter complete with exercise bicycle for the residents of Middle

London War Preparations, September 1939 (William Vandivert)

Winds of War in Gay London, 1939

The wreckage was indescribable [GETTY]

Great Britain, before the outbreak of World War II, 1939

WW2 Merseyside Air Raid Bomb Damage 1940 The bomb damaged houses in Liverpool following a bombing raid by the Luftwaffe (The German Airforce) during the ...

On VJ day, Customhouse Quay, Wellington

... the town's population by 50 percent, with 2,700 extra people arriving since July of 1940. This raised concern that not enough public shelters were ...

Workers posing with an early air raid siren in machine shop in Toronto in the 1940s. The cold war sirens were built to a different design.

Tha headline in Hope Star Newspaper October 6 1939

... Service (WVS) arrive early to prepare breakfast for the men of the 'Blitz Repair Squad', a team of builders who have come to London from various parts ...

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Humorist and author Caryl Abrahams reported overhearing the following exchange in a public shelter, in

Source Old London QPR training at Loftus Road, 1939

Ironwood Daily Globe newspaper archives