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A Letter From Eugene Peterson on Christian Celebrities Transition

A Letter From Eugene Peterson on Christian Celebrities Transition


A Letter From Eugene Peterson on Christian Celebrities, Transition and the Megachurch

A Letter from Eugene Peterson on Christian Celebrities, Transition, and the Megachurch


Eugene Peterson wrote a few helpful things about words in his introduction to Tell it Slant. I appreciate his take on language and how Christians should ...

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A Memoir

7 Thoughts on Christian Living from Eugene Peterson

Eugene Peterson lectures at University Presbyterian Church in Seattle in May 2009. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

A Letter From Eugene Peterson on Christian Celebrities, Transition and the Megachurch

Author's Preface: Eugene Peterson, the acclaimed writer, poet, pastor, and translator of The Message Bible, has become a friend and one of the more ...

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Upholding God-

Every Step an Arrival (eBook). Message BibleEugene PetersonOld ...

July 13, 2017: LifeWay Christian Stores, the country's largest Christian retail chain,

Eugene Peterson Quotes · "Everybody in the world is seeking happiness -- and there's one sure way to

Eugene Peterson

Lisa Bevere on Instagram: “Today we are mourning the loss of a great soldier in the kingdom. Eugene Peterson gave so much to the body of Christ that we all ...

My name is Daniel Sangi Im and I am the Director of Church Multiplication for NewChurches.com at LifeWay Christian Resources.

It's a strange thing to find yourself weeping privately over the loss of someone you've never met. I don't quite understand it, but have experienced ...

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Jesus Mean and Wild: The Unexpected Love of an Untamable God: Mark Galli, Eugene Peterson: 9780801071577: Amazon.com: Books

Paul Dazet on Instagram: “The first step toward God is a step away from the lies of the world. - Eugene Peterson”

Adaptive Decision Making, Change and Leadership

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Jen Hatmaker

Like Dew Your Youth: Growing up with Your Teenager by Eugene H. Peterson, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

This podcast is designed to discuss all sorts of topics from various points of view. Therefore, guests' views do not always reflect the views of the host, ...

So, how do we stop this epidemic of broken marriages? To bring it even

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The Pastor: A Memoir: Eugene H. Peterson: 9780061988219: Amazon.com: Books

Perhaps because so much of this discussion is celebrity-driven, the impression prevails that the church at large is changing its views on sexuality and ...

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Rick Christian leaves Alive, Colorado Springs agency that transformed Christian publishing

Bono, Eugene Peterson, and the Vocation of Friendship - Christ and Pop Culture

The Rev. Eugene Peterson. File photo by Clappstar, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Are you struggling to know what to do when God just doesn't make sense?

Paul Dazet on Instagram: “The Psalms is where we as leaders of God's people learn the language of prayer.⠀ - Eugene Peterson”

Before You Preach: 5 Things You Should Know About Mary Magdalene

Eugene Peterson

Practice Resurrection: A Conversation on Growing Up in Christ (Eugene Peterson's Five "Conversations" in Spiritual Theology): Eugene H. Peterson: ...

She is a columnist ...

CT published a statement by Jonathan Merritt in the article containing Peterson's retraction, but it, too, left many unanswered questions.

Unveiling Paul's Women: Making Sense of 1 Corinthians 11:2–16Whether people realize it or not, the ideas in 1 Corinthians 11:2-16 have had a huge impact on ...

The Pastor by Eugene H. Peterson Audiobook Download - Christian audiobooks. Try us free.

Red Letter Christianity

If ...

10 ways to thrive in Christian gatherings

Why 'We Need to Reach Young People' Might Distract Your Church · An Open Letter ...

“Still Christian” by David P. Gushee. Image courtesy of Westminster John Knox Press

One of the questions I constantly need to be throwing into my own face is this: “Who's pulling your strings?” I know who should be pulling my ministry ...

Eugene Peterson is now 84 years old. Jonathan Merritt, senior columnist for Religion News Service (RNS), interviewed him on a variety of subjects, ...

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Run with the Horses: The Quest for Life at Its Best

As Kingfishers Catch Fire: A Conversation on the Ways of God Formed by the Words of God by Eugene H. Peterson - Audiobooks on Google Play

Rick Christian leaves Alive, Colorado Springs agency that transformed Christian publishing

That is, they think Paul's letter, read carefully and contextually, insists on an open and inclusive fellowship. But they also are clear that (following ...

Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places: A Conversation in Spiritual Theology

The Message Audio Bible

In his book, Fr. Martin's call for 'Bridge Building' between the LGBTQ community and the institutional Church echoes the Catholic Social Teaching principle ...

In 2016, Merritt interviewed evangelical author and HGTV celebrity Jen Hatmaker saying she would attend the wedding of an LGBT friend to a same-sex spouse ...

Eugene Peterson · Practise Resurrection

Whisper - See a beautiful girl - Fun

Introduction: Ongoing Dilemmas

I think Romans Disarmed: Resisting Empire/Demanding Justice is the most important book of Biblical study I have read in years; perhaps ever.

Character Over Talent

By adopting some new spiritual practices, it is possible ...

Who's Afraid Of Jordan Peterson?

Raw Spirituality: The Rhythms of the Jesus Life: Tom Smith, Eugene H. Peterson: 9780830835881: Amazon.com: Books

Not my kind of Christian

... Christian should be; Daily dark night of the soul; Spend the Day with Evan. Great quotes from Evan: Let's figure out how to create your life ...

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Translating the N. T. Wright and David Bentley Hart Tussle

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... in children from the beginning of their lives until they've reached adulthood, and covering everything from prenatal care to university-level education.

... the argument ...

British Airways worker who won right to wear a cross embarks on fresh legal action

Marie is ...

... Wrestling with imposter's syndrome; Feeling like he didn't belong and how community that brought him out; How The Jesus Prayer shaped his journey ...

Books, series and films have left us with striking testimonies of those who, while representing Christianity, wonder where their faith is. An article about ...


40 Preschoolers Sing 'Jesus Loves Me,' Escape Tornado Unscathed

Eugene Peterson in Hospice Care

In 1984, Christian philosopher Francis Schaeffer lamented the trend, evident in evangelical circles even then, to compromise and cave rather than stand on ...

Foundations of Biblical Study Collection (18 vols.) - Logos Bible Software

Dedicating ...

Jesus' Unsung Miracle of Turning a Noun Into a Verb from Fighting for the Faith on RadioPublic