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As time passed populations got more diverse and lots of new types

As time passed populations got more diverse and lots of new types


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Diversity and the Workplace. By

What is Cultural Diversity?

A new study shows that Latinos in the Southwest have more Native American ancestry than Latinos

50+ Ideas for Cultivating Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace That You Can Start Today | LinkedIn Talent Blog

Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-TX) and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) pose for a selfie in the halls of Congress. Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Cultural Diversity in the Workplace: Definition, Trends & Examples

A study from USC Annenberg's Institute for Diversity and Empowerment noted that actresses are more likely to receive speaking roles if women ...

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Establish a mother's room where nursing women have a private space for pumping breast milk. Not only is it the right thing to do, it is legally required ...

A chart showing the racial and ethnic diversity of Congress.

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A chart showing how white Congress is.

Focusing on diversity makes people feel judged not valued

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Despite Diverse Demographics, Most Politicians Are Still White Men

Population growth places the United States in a radically different position from that of Russia,


An overview of the workforce

How Houston has become the most diverse place in America. By Brittny Mejia

What Is the Diversity Essay Question & How Do You Answer It?

Celebrate holidays and events for underrepresented minorities like Black History Month or Gay Pride Week. Why should Christmas get all the love?

As Our Nation Becomes More Diverse So Too Does Our Workforce

From swastikas scrawled on walls to racial slurs passed in notes, hundreds of verified accounts of racist, xenophobic, or homophobic acts in school dating ...


Brazil's colour bind: How one of the world's most diverse countries is just starting to talk about race - The Globe and Mail

Daniel Perez, left, of Guatemala, Fatima Rasooli, of Afghanistan, and Faustin Ongelo, of Congo, play a mathematics game on the New Neighbor Campus at ...

As this graph shows, significant changes in body size - one evolutionary trait that can be tracked through the fossil record - take about one million years ...

By Lori L. Tharps

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The 50 Most Influential Living Psychologists in the World

An art project by Ana Maroto and Sage Adams, seniors at Elisabeth Irwin High School in Greenwich Village. The project hangs at the school entrance.

Brussels is blind to diversity. '

Diversity in Television: White, Male Showrunners 80% of 2016-17 Season – Variety


A New History of the First Peoples in the Americas

Nicole Walters, center, gets assistance from owner Vimla Patel, left, of India and Taylor Lachhi Rai, right, of Nepal, putting on a saree for a Bollywood ...

The future is mixed-race and that's a good thing for humanity | Aeon Essays

Mutation Generates New Alleles

How Genetics Is Changing Our Understanding of 'Race'How Genetics Is Changing Our Understanding of 'Race'. By David Reich

The global population is projected to pass 10 billion this century. Photograph: Getty

A sweet potato sprouting new plants.

More Hispanics are going to college and graduating, but disparity persists

Texas is as politically divided as the rest of the U.S., but a recurrent crop of crackpots and ideologues has fed its reputation for proud know-nothingism ...

Trump immigration plan could keep whites in U.S. majority for up to five more years - The Washington Post

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For the planet's 7.6 billion people, 500 million house sparrows, or 100,000 sandpipers, genetic diversity "is about the same," Mark Stoeckle from the ...

Genetic diversity

New immigrants and their U.S.-born descendants will account for more U.S. population growth. Predicting future illegal immigration is difficult.

No Longer Majority Black, Harlem Is in Transition

On average, Asian immigrants are more educated and have higher household incomes than the overall immigrant and U.S.-born populations.

New York Population Data

Policies to Drive Participation and Make Voting More Convenient

As Its Population Ages, Japan Quietly Turns to Immigration

... the EU capital to measure diversity. Brar's story is illustrative of the EU capital's approach to the issue of race: For the most part, it ignores it.

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Forensic Nurse Career Guide

A bar graph shows the probability of allele P occurring in different frequencies in a population

Big Tech Isn't the Problem With Homelessness. It's All of Us

Diverse parental genes lead to taller, smarter children, finds extensive study

Exclusive: Here's The Full 10-Page Anti-Diversity Screed Circulating Internally at Google [Updated]

Ecological levels: from individuals to ecosystems (article) | Khan Academy

Genetic diversity (A) and inbreeding patterns (B,C) within populations. Grey lines in (B) represent inbreeding values corresponding to second-cousins and ...

Productivity is not about doing more faster. Rather it's about achieving more by doing less as a result of focusing on getting ...

Viruses Would Rather Jump to New Hosts Than Evolve With Them | Quanta Magazine

People born to genetically-diverse parents likely to be taller and more intelligent, says study

A colourful arrangement of development goals are shown here.

Challenging Evolution: How GMOs Can Influence Genetic Diversity. by Heather Landry


Hawaii's rainbow of cultures and how they got to the Islands | Hawaii Magazine

A map of L.A. County shows the density of the homeless population based on a three day county conducted in January 2018. (LAHSA)

People of color make up nearly one-third of the labor force

Studies have found, men apply for a job when they meet only 60 percent of the qualifications, but women will only apply when they meet 100 percent of ...

By 2050, minorities will be half of the U.S. population (Mario Tama / Getty Images)

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Are you close to grandparents and extended family who have taught you how teamwork can help

Dinosaur species' diversity through time, with confidence intervals. Starrfelt and Liow (2016

Not Just Tech Bros: E-Scooter Fans Are Surprisingly Diverse

The President's Initiative on Race was a critical element in President Clinton's effort to prepare the country to embrace diversity.

Maimuna Abdilahi, right, was born in Somalia and now teaches the newcomers' program at the New Neighbor Campus at BakerRipley in Houston.

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Newly built homes in the South Park neighborhood of Raleigh are now going for $460,000. As recently as three years ago, this land held a vacant house.

Do you want to travel to another country and get to know different cultures? Check us out here!

How Diversity at Work Makes More Money for You

The nine planetary boundaries

A New Study Just Ranked All 50 States in Order of Happiness, and 37 of Them Are Real Surprises

Race and gender in the labor force

How Trolls Are Ruining the Internet

Riders pass in a wagon with an American flag at the Owsley County Saddle Club trail ride on April 19, 2012, in Booneville, Kentucky.

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The nation will be more diverse, with today's minorities making up more than half of the total population. (Graphics by Linda Eckstein and Samuel Velasco ...

If not all kids are inclined to explore an inclusive collection on their own, the librarian becomes even more critical. To get these books into distribution ...

In the 1990s, Mexicans composed more than half of the new Latin American immigrants to the United States and, by 2000, Hispanics totaled about one half of ...