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Confucius Archives Common Sense Evaluation rock painting

Confucius Archives Common Sense Evaluation rock painting


Cartoon Of The Day: Early Integration

Xi Jinping's 'criticism campaign' triggers online parody and sex jokes | South China Morning Post

Connoisseurship versus Criticism : A discussion of a problematic painting by Bada Shanren

Where are Xi Jinping's works of calligraphy? Collector laments a disappearing Chinese art form | South China Morning Post

Common Sense Evaluation

Professor Chi Wang, a scholar and collector of Chinese art, practising calligraphy. Photo

The Superior Man is all-embracing and not partial. The inferior man is partial and not all-embracing.

Where are Xi Jinping's works of calligraphy? Collector laments a disappearing Chinese art form | South China Morning Post


Nondum Arabes Seresque rogant: Classics Looks East | Society for Classical Studies

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Where are Xi Jinping's works of calligraphy? Collector laments a disappearing Chinese art form | South China Morning Post

Detail from the Lascaux Caves paintings

Indians Archives - Common Sense Evaluation

Can China really take the high road with its big, bold infrastructure plan?

Pen, Paint, and Pretzels' fall production of 'Eurydice' presents iconic Greek myth with modern twist see WEEKENDER / PAGE 5

View Art, Religion And Politics In Medieval China: The Dunhuang Cave Of The Zhai Family 2004

... online Against Common Sense: Teaching and Learning Toward Social Justice (Reconstrucing the

Ancient Chinese Art

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Jo talks destruction at the GWPF

At fifteen my heart was set on learning; at thirty I stood firm; at forty I had no more doubts; at fifty I knew the mandate of heaven; at sixty my ear ...

2019 Conference Posters

Graffiti on a wall along Tehran's Vali-asr Street, in protest to mandatory hijab ...

The American war on Venezuela continues to escalate with the sabotage of it's electricity grid, the most serious action of all so far, which was not only an ...

... online Against Common Sense: Teaching and Learning Toward Social Justice (Reconstrucing the Public Sphere

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Bullshit Jobs

Chinese painting

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The geographic pattern of 23-years of sea level rise from satellite altimeter data looks similar to the pattern of water vapor increase (percent per decade) ...

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Confucius ponders his next move in a Chinese board game, while Einstein ponder his move


Silk painting depicting a man riding a dragon, painting on silk, dated to 5th-3rd century BC, Warring States period, from Zidanku Tomb no.

Figure 6 - 'Buckingham Palace, London, seen across the Green Park at dusk', Yoshio Markino, circa 1911, woodblock print. Museum number E.820-1949

The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity : McCain May Be Dead, but 'Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran' Still Resounds

Lower section of iconic Golddream poster for the Goldsmiths' College Free Arts Festival donated to the university archive by Greg Conway.

Amy Laprade MFA '15

Featured post Too much effort went into this one.

Jonathan Vatner MFA '11

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Learn to Draw Cartoons

All age and awful rock Amateurs issues found evolving up will then create this 12th Buddhism. issue 1: Should I View DHS TRIP? self-as-such 1: Should I move ...

Creative and Credible

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Susan then shared the process of educating the public and dealing with concerns about host homes including those related to both the stigma of youth and the ...

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Exhibitions & Public Events

May/June 2019 Issue

90: IRA GLASS: Advice for beginners

PT in progress.jpg

2000–cash banknote from 1859

class project, April 2019 ...

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The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity : The US Empire Has up to 1,000 Military Bases in 80 Countries

Figure 4 - 'Umbrellas under Big Ben', Chiang Yee, 1938, ink on paper, reproduced as plate V in 'The Silent Traveller in London' (1938)


The 1941 book Japan's Children (Nippon no kodomo) promoted children's imitations of battles for the youngest readers in pictures stretched across several ...

Justinian I, in a 6th-century mosaic, at the Basilica of San Vitale

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Excerpt of mural La Presencia de América Latina by Jorge González Camarena in La Casa del

Andrea Jadusingh is an educator and artist from Montego Bay who has an exhibition at the Doctor's Cave Beach Club conference room. Normally, she told me, ...


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... 'New Yorker' cartoon of the day: 'I swear, if he continues

A collage showing symbols of various religions

I am not bothered by the fact that I am unknown. I am bothered when I do not know others.

1 ...

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If saying this makes me unpopular with some people, so be it. If I become judged as “being judgemental,” so be it. I am not alone in my views that our way ...

Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka, rock painting, Stone Age, India

Nanabozho piles muskrat's earth on the shell of a turtle while beaver and otter look on in “The Creation of the World” Daphne Odjig (b.

Regan Kramer '79

Littmann Collection of German Expressionism & Avant-Garde at Swann March 5

Quote Of The Day Archives - Common Sense Evaluation

A Million Unicorns


Running Coyote (I) - Sarah Ronald.jpg

A painting of a man and woman burning on a funeral pyre surrounded by a crowd

We can divide book burnings into three kinds: eradication burnings which seek to destroy a text, collection burnings which target a library or archive, ...

In celebration of the Persian New Year, also known as Nowruz, the Library of Congress has digitized and made available online for the first time the Rare ...

Mural paintings of court life in Xu Xianxiu's Tomb, Northern Qi Dynasty, 571 AD, located in Taiyuan, Shanxi province, China

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Expo advertising hiding urban “unsightliness.” The caption reads “Bringing the world together at the Shanghai Expo” (photo by author)

Figure 4.1 This page shows Varon's “inconsistency” toward the inclusion of sound. Sounds like the honking car are included but not spoken conversation.