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Discover your rockstar stage persona in The Artful Escape Its not an

Discover your rockstar stage persona in The Artful Escape Its not an


What kind of artist are you? What motivates you? Where does creativity come from? Finally, characters challenge the player to a simple rhythm game.

The Artful Escape of Francis Vendetti is a narrative-driven platformer about becoming a rockstar | PC Gamer

Discover your rockstar stage persona in The Artful Escape Its not an artists job to give people something they want but to give them something they never ...

Keiichi Yano wants to make a music game with heart

Rockstar Energy Drink Disrupt Festival

Tetris Effect is perfect for people overwhelmed by modern video games - The Verge

The 50 best games of 2017

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Persona 5 review: "An experience that's perfectly realized from the moment it begins"

here is What invoice Gates Thinks You will have to Be reading This iciness

10 Most Outrageous Stage Entrances

Tetris Effect is perfect for people overwhelmed by modern video games


Manhunt Is a Rockstar Horror Masterpiece

Alice Cooper stabbing a baby doll from behind (picture-alliance/dpa/Yui

You're married to a rock star."

Hot off the heels of revealing that Red Dead Redemption 2 has already outsold its predecessor, Rockstar has confirmed a new release window for the game's ...

Freddie Mercury

Rockstar Energy Triple Crown – AX Tour Round 2 .

50 Best Video Games of All Time

Single Mothers Are Somehow Even Angrier on Their Surprise New Album

Yes, it's finally here my fellow outlaws. Red Dead Redemption II is real and is now available on PlayStation 4. After Rockstar Games' massively successful ...

Rockstar has officially announced Red Dead Online, a multiplayer component for Red Dead Redemption 2 similar to that of Grand Theft Auto Online.

Father John Misty: 'I get sick pleasure out of reading about how much people hate me' | Music | The Guardian

How Xbox One backward compatibility works: The Xbox 360 and Xbox games list and more

Stromae, the Belgian superstar, uses his persona as an escape from himself; Beyoncé dons non-Christian alter-ego Sasha Fierce to pound around the stage, ...

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Rockstar Games appears to be returning to the traditional one playable character route after successfully experimenting with three playable protagonists in ...

Pull up to her bumper, baby.

Dark RDR2 images like this get more contrast and color saturation in standard dynamic range than

Life After Gold: The Semi-Rockstar Lifestyle of Teenaged Olympic Medalist Red Gerard

You want to have some tooth and some depth to your work, when people leave they are changed and they are engaged by it.

Stylo Sitar thanked its group head, Rockstar Guitar for having saved the day with his mind blowing music and presence of mind.

Or do we only become more of who we really are?

Discover. Share.

It's time to demand more theatrical pop stars

The 100 Best Acting Performances by Musicians in Movies

Disturbed official band website Opens a New Window. facebook Opens a New Window. instagram Opens a New Window. twitter Opens a New Window.

Chris ReedWhen it comes to licensed games, most of us have learned to keep our expectations in check. For every great licensed game, you'll find 20 heaps of ...

Tom MarksThis isn't a thing that's supposed to happen. In fact, until the first time it did to some poor, unprepared soul and word began to spread, ...

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A Mortician's Tale - embalming machine

art entertainment food drink music nightlife Thursday, November 2, 2017

"Every Rose Has Its Thorn" - Poison. Poison on stage

The event began with welcome drinks and food from the Let's Taco Bout It. Jam City also provided Cookie Jamwiches, artisanal ice cream sandwiches inspired ...


Art by Tanner Garlick

Guide Persona ...

Red large abstract art for sale, hand painted canvas art L352


“Red Dead Redemption 2,” as with many of Rockstar's previous games, incorporate an inclusive cast.

Uncommon People: The Rise and Fall of the Rock Stars by David Hepworth review – which songs will truly last? | Books | The Guardian

Bugs not Bugs

Sony has announced a new PlayStation 4 Pro bundle featuring Rockstar's upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2. Pre-orders begin today for $400.

Date With A Rockstar

... An all-day (and most-of-the-night) dance party at Southern California's Coachella music festival, where attendees go for intense doses of bass drops and ...

Best Artists of all time 100 Rolling Stone


Persona 5

So, what's the connection to the first Red Dead Redemption? Well, Rockstar is being very, very careful not to say much about this game and how it connects ...

Red Dead Redemption 2 Review

Coming home after a semester abroad to find your parents and little sister mysteriously gone, when they're supposed to be ready waiting to greet you, ...

“I really did cut Stylo Sitar's strings,” Striko Cymbal pleaded, but to no avail. The other members of The Tableturners, Gabla Tabla and Trummy Trumpet ...

The Inbox is back, at last!

Art by Tanner Garlick

Modern Product Development is as much an art as it is a science. We need these multi-skilled teams to be creative — challenging and building on these ideas, ...

Alice Cooper: King of shock rock turns 70

Sony launches PlayStation Productions to adapt games to TV and film


When that lackadaisical attitude is personified in figures like Winona and Ethan or Courtney and Kurt, the kids still look up. But they keep their glances ...

The aim, then, is to reach as many people as possible. “If you don't want your art to reach people, that negates you as an artist,” says Matt.

What Red Dead Redemption 2 gets right about having a terminal disease - Polygon

Please note that this episode contains strong language, conversations of an adult ...