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Do you gave a favorite bird I am so excited about thestormcrow by

Do you gave a favorite bird I am so excited about thestormcrow by


Do you gave a favorite bird? I am so excited about #thestormcrow by @

Are you a fan of #sarahmaas ? I loved the @illumicrate special edition box and this tote was one of my favorite items. So colorful.

The Viking's Wife

#TheStormCrow Medias

The Storm Crow by Kalyn Josephson: Already on my Bests of 2019 list! 5 stars review

Did you see that @stephanie_garber Caraval Series hit the NYT Seres bestseller list? I am so excited because this series is one of my favorites ever.

Do you gave a favorite bird? I am so excited about #thestormcrow by @kalynmjosephson ! I hope to start it soon. This year I have been s…

Storm Crow Alehouse

... food - The best movie ever (HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON) Consider adding TSC on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/38330596- the-storm-crow …

One of my very sweet friends bought me the @alchemyandink King of Scars candle!

Buy Art

Thank you so much @wickedlovely1989 for this amazing giveaway prize! I can't wait to read the ARC of The Storm Crow, it seems wonderful!

My Friends Are Fiction 🇺🇸 on Instagram: “Happy #stacksaturday ! Do you see any of your favorite reads in these stacks? It is rainy here today so I think ...

What's your favorite color? How about to wear? . Hold me too it guys: I am finishing The Fellowship of the Rings today. I have a section in Skyward to ...

Mo fell asleep in the sun and his water dish gave him rainbow feathers : aww

The Making of a Murder of Crows

Omg. Everyone needs to add this to their TBR!

For more insider info on TSC, exclusive excerpts, giveaways, writing advice, and more, subscribe to my newsletter! It goes out the 9th of each ...

This Saturday, September 28th we'll at Stormcrow Comics in Archdale, North Carolina for the Stormcrow Art Extravaganza/Comic Book Sidewalk Sale. We'll have ...

QOTD: What are you currently reading? 🦅 • • I am so excited to

Top 10 Tuesday: 2019 Releases I'm on the Fence About Reading

I am hella excited about all these books coming out where the MC is

I'm a big fan of the girl-disguised-as-boy trope as evidenced by the amount of books on this list which share the same trope, and by my own writing.

We hoped that the readers would at least feel a little bit sorry for it, as that is what drove the partners to banish its spirit rather then kill it.

overbooked. #nyxeyelesslibrarycat #nyxpyx #sourcebooks #maxymmmartineau

Storm Crow Tavern


I did two test posts and no spam. MAYBE IT IS FIXED?!? If you had a dragon would you conquer lands or just fly around looking at everything from ...

I discovered the world of book boxes about a year ago and I have to say

Book 5 of 2019: The Storm Crow by Kalyn Josephson! This is an ARC

I was able to get the Storm Crow photographed and set up as a token.

Fawkes from Harry Potter enjoyed doing this #fawkes #harrypotter #phoenix #tattoo #

Who are your some of your favorite fictional friendships? (And why isn't

A crow in the storm #crow #riverside #rain #storm #stormbird #

I got to only 1 book from my September TBR, but I'm still really proud of all the reading I did (be sure to check out my wrap up by clicking here!)

Tell me an older series that you love and think more people should read?

When she discovers the sole egg left unscathed from the disaster she knows she has to hatch it.

Do you pay attention to just the author of the books you love?

Final thoughts

“Beware how you give your heart” - Northanger Abbey, Jane Austen. Happy. “

Hurricane Irma: Storm-injured birds get something to crow about at this clinic

#QOTD : What have been some of your favorite reads of the year

Do you read one book at a time or multiple? . Hello my beautiful Book


Just another one of my most anticipated releases. It's fine

What books did you read in October?

So many cool things going on. In the background here are Caryatids from the Science and Industry Museum. I've loved these and finally have ...

How gorgeous is this cover of The Storm Crow by @kalynmjosephson ? I read it back in February and it easily is in my top 5 favorite reads for this year so ...

Canuck the Crow's babies have all died

January Wrap-Up 📚 I read 15 books in January which I'm so happy with! I read a mix of physical books, audio-books, graphic novels and e-arcs, my favourite ...

mynameistran 220 8 In the Dead of Night by mynameistran

I am so excited to share my first ever @beaconbookbox with you all today!

So happy to share that THE STORM CROW is going to Russia!! 🥳 .

So I'm officially done with this wind! If The Storm Crow was real I'd just ask a Storm Crow to chill it out. 😂 • • Is there anything fictional you've ...

Have you ever felt cursed? Rosa Santos is cursed by the sea-at least, that's what they say. Dating her is bad news, especially if you're a boy with a boat.

And finally we have the book "Crown of Feathers" with beautiful stained edges

What was your favorite read in April?. . I loved #thestormcrow by @

Thanks so much @iambookmad for organising the #travellingbookproject 😄 I'm looking forward to annotating Nevernight by @misterkristoff as my first one in ...

(Spoilers Extended) The Secret History of House Martell, Chapter 3: Oberyn's Seeds and his Free Company : asoiaf

Sheepish and Bob, professional porgs, met a new avian friend a couple of days


It has been an amazing flight with Anthia and her Crows. The only bad thing about getting an arc though, is that you have ...

Super happy, and loved the stormcrow.

QOTD: Do you find yourself getting overwhelmed with everything you nee

#skeleton #bones #birdbones #birdskeleton #bird

I am excited to read To Best the Boys soon! I have heard some amazing


Happy Sunday everyone! . • This Sunday I am keeping it very chill. I

Here with my sister . Acá con mi hermana . . . #gallina #gallinas

Laura Southern

Thank you for sharing @elsavivianamunoz! . Repost


STAN TWITTER Understanding the meaning behind the accounts created by young people, and what impact they have on the fans and celebrities. p. 8

Order of the Violet Dragon. “

Do you go out on weekend nights or do you prefer to stay home read and

🌸Do you guys ever get that niggling feeling about a series or book

So, I had a rough month at work with lots of stress (fun times!) which, for me, translates into lots of book buying. Consequently, I am getting super ...

Have you found any new favorite books so far this year?⁣ ⁣ #bookreadhappyhour

This Saturday is the start of their summer reading program and I'm so excited. They always have such wonderful things planned. Do you visit your ...

Dude yellow books make me really really reallyyyyy happy 😌👊🏼 . . @eloise_brad 🧡 and @yesireadbooks 🧡 tagged me to do the #asidefrombooks : •favourite ...

... Congratulations and Happy Pub Day to these talented authors! #TracyPollen #DanaPollen #LoriPollen ...

What's your favourite book to read on a journey? 📖 I love the classics.

Find me at YALLWEST today for a TSC bookmark! . . #yallwest #yallwest2019

cain's_offering_-_stormcrow. “

“The heavens grant us only one life, but through books, we live a thousand. “ - Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff. Have I shoved this series in your face yet?

I quite like wondering what the future will be like, what will be worse, what will be better? I'm watching Years and Years on TV recently and it really ...

Do you play any sports? In Epic Athletes: Stephen Curry, acclaimed journalist and bestselling author Dan Wetzel tells the inspiring, electrifying story of ...

Storm Crow will get scanned in soon and I'll update the Backerkit image along with the other new artwork.

My review of #TheStormCrow by #KalynJosephson is now up on my blog (link in bio)! I gave it 4/5 stars and found it to be a really exciting story. ⚡

... This is the dork I originally meant to tag, apparently an ex staff of the ...