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Enter the Scripture Gaze Upon the Newborn Face of Jesus Gaze Upon

Enter the Scripture Gaze Upon the Newborn Face of Jesus Gaze Upon


His loving gaze is always upon you ~~I Love the Bible and Jesus Christ, Christian Quotes and verses.

Lent, a time for Divine Mercy

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

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Do not gaze about, for I am your God. I will fortify you. I will really help you.

Jesus - What an incredibly beautiful painting of Our Lord. ~ Please Lord, forgive us our sins. That we may one day be worthy of gazing upon your beautiful ...

The Holy Face of Manoppello

"I firmly wish that my Face reflecting the intimate pains of my Soul, the


Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus. baby-staring_si.jpg

Join in praying the Novena to the Holy Face of Jesus

Gaze Upon Jesus: Experiencing Christ's Childhood through the Eyes of Women: Kelly M. Wahlquist, Teresa Tomeo, Alyssa Bormes, Sarah Christmyer, Mary Healy, ...

A silhouette of young man.

Detail, St. Joseph with the Child, by Alonso Miguel de Tovar

My son Daniel was just a small baby when we flew out to visit family in Wisconsin. Strapped in his car seat on the plane, completely unaware of where I was ...

Reflection 70: Identifying with the Suffering Christ

God has not only called you to be holy—or separated—to Him, but He has also made it possible. If you're born again, the blood of Jesus has cleansed you from ...

Anna in the Bible

Sarah Christmyer

5 Strong Women of the Bible and their Modern-day Counterparts

Christian mythology

A Belly-Button Generation

Topic: Biography

The Bible says that Jesus is coming back to reward the inhabitants of the earth and bring many back to heaven with Him (Revelation 22:12).

Mary Gazes Adoringly at Newborn Jesus

20 Aug “Whoever Looks at a Woman With Lust”: Misinterpreted Bible Passages #1

Sermon on the Transfiguration of Christ

Claire Dwyer

Pregnancy and Infant Loss: Still Together in Christ | Unlocking the Bible

fearless women in the Bible


Luke 2 boy Jesus in the temple

The Life & Times of Jesus of Nazareth: Did You Know?

The Saint John's Bible, Order of Saint Benedict, Collegeville, Minnesota USA. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

Upon This Rock

Love Lives On. Save. Bible Verses for Funerals

Homilies for December 2018

Jesse Wisnewski

What Does the Bible Say about Dating?

Celebrate God's blessing of life with these Bible verses that are perfect for sending to someone on their birthday. Every life is precious and God has a ...

The Divine Mercy Novena

The Miraculous Infant Jesus of Prague. "


“Gaze on that helpless object of endless adoration! Those infant hands shall burst our bands and work out our salvation; Strangle the crooked serpent;

See full outline on Rachel weeping from Ramah.

Mercy's Gaze: 100 Readings from Scripture and the Diary of St. Faustina: Vinny Flynn: 9781596142916: Amazon.com: Books

The serene Countenance of Jesus on the Holy Veil looks on. Photo: Paul Badde/EWTN

FILMMAKER SIMCHA JACOBOVICI (second from left) with Prof. Israel Hershkovitz and Victoria Lywood

Bible verses

prayerful women in the Bible

On The Threshold Of Full Manhood (Age 20)

The Hands That First Held Mary's Child

10 Things You Can Be Thankful For Today

Raphael of Urbino, Italy - St. Paul preaching in Athens at the Areopagus before

Psalm 27-4 - Everyday Devotionals | It's a God thing. | Psalm 27, Scripture quotes, Bible verses quotes

You don't have to be a ballerina to keep on your toes. We may live in a big city, but our life as missionaries has already proven this fact to be true.

Inspirational Bible Verses


Love Lives On. Save. Christian Christmas Poems

Biblical inspiration[edit]

25 Encouraging Bible Verses for Those Celebrating Birthdays. Posted on ...

We Are Jars of Clay

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Jesus Birth Foretold

Gazing on God: Trinity, Church and Salvation in Orthodox Thought and Iconography: Andreas Andreopoulos: 9780227174463: Amazon.com: Books

Jesus Christ and the Gospel of Barnabas

And so we gaze upon the lynchpin, the fulcrum and the crux of the cosmos, that we have killed Ourself in self-destructive rage, trying to blot out the ...

Kaphar, Titus_Shifting the Gaze

Jesus Discerns His Destiny (Age 13)


The Faith Behind the Famous: Isaac Ne...... | Christian History | Christianity Today

Provide life saving medical care

Caravaggio - The Conversion of Paul, Cerasi Chapel, Santa Maria del Popolo, Rome

Jesus Christ the Pantokrator - The Ruler of all " is the the most powerful icon of Christ in the world and the oldest surviving from

Jesus Presented To God - Stock Image

New book on the Servant of God Padre Domenico Da Cese

bible verse for birthday. If you're on ...