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Everything we all respect about the Enthusiastic GSP Dogs

Everything we all respect about the Enthusiastic GSP Dogs


Everything we all respect about the Enthusiastic GSP Dogs #germanshorthairedpointersofibstagram #germanshorthairedpointerdaily # ...

Everything we all love about the Enthusiastic GSP Puppy #germanshorthairedpointerpuppy #germanshorthairedpointersofinstgram # ...

Some of the things I like about the Enthusiastic GSP #germanshorthairedpointersworld #gspd #germanshorthairedpointertraining

Osborne is a two-year-old German Shorthair Pointer who gets over excited, barks, jumps up, pulls on the leash and tries to bolt out the door any chance he ...

The many things we all respect about the Curious GSP Puppy #germanshorthairedpointermix #gspambassadorkathryn #


GSP exercise

Max & Trace. What do they ...

Things I respect about the Enthusiastic GSP Puppies #germanshorthairedpointersworld #gspsofinsta #germanshorthairedpointertraining

The many things we all respect about the Enthusiastic German Shorthaired Pointer Pup #germanshorthairedpointersofibstagram ...

German Shorthaired Pointer

Not everyone believes in sharing their bed with their dogs and I can respect that. I sure didn't take stock in it in the beginning but soon the cuteness and ...

A white and black ticked German Shorthaired Pointer is laying on a blue and white blanket



Find Out More On Enthusiastic German Shorthaired Pointer Pups #rescuedog # gsp #germanshorthairedpointertips

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All the things I respect about the Enthusiastic GSP Puppy #gsp #germanshorthairedpointerpuppies #germanshorthairedpointerfacts

A brown with white German Shorthaired Pointer is sitting in a grass path near a body. "

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Canines in court: therapy dogs making the wait for a verdict 'more human'

german shorthaired pointer health

The truth about electric dog collars


Petting Wars: Dog-Dog Aggression In The Home + Dogs Can Smell Your Emotions!

Two short coated large breed dogs laying down on a couch. One dog is brown

Photo of Raise the Woof Dog Training - Manhattan, NY, United States


As you can see, proper training did not quell her enthusiasm.

Things we all admire about the Enthusiastic GSP Pup #germanshorthairedpointeroftheday #gspshop #germanshorthairedpointertips Pointer

Utah's perfect pointers

Took our 7 month old GSP puppy to

Terry - Sandringham

It's important that dogs learn what acceptable dog play is, and what is appropriate – that is what dog social time is for!!! Yes, we can give the dog a “ ...


What are different options for registering your German Shorthaired Pointer? What is the difference between one registry and another?

My dog's recall: keen and happy

Most GSP of this breed have a speckled or spotted appearance. They also possess different sizes

Crate Pad Nesting TUFF Dog Bed Black img ...

Jody – 1 year old female Collie

As a family, we all loved the sessions and learnt so much. She is always so helpful and gives brilliant practical advice. I highly recommend her."

He has not been neutered which would need to be carried out as per the adoption rules of GSP Rescue (SW).

E-collars can be used instead of whistled or verbal commands, relying on a “nick” or “momentary” stimulation to warn the dog he's out too ...

Christine - Essendon

But this year, my mind has changed. We work in a shared office in Brooklyn, and people often bring in their dogs. And one in particular — this lady, ...

Enthusiastic retrieve by Digby 14 month old GSP at Lake Wairarapa on Sunday Alex Dalzell edited

A German Shorthaired Pointer puppy is sitting in grass and its front right paw is up

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German Shorthaired Pointer Dog

"We were so impressed and thankful..."

All the things I admire about the Enthusiastic German Shorthaired Pointer Puppies

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Dogs Victoria Magazine - April 2019

Construction Permit Procedures

run w max 2

Bruce Schultz Gordon Setter

Image may contain: dog and outdoor

Winston – 8-10 year old male German Short-Haired Pointer

a very impressive GSP that Mo named “Tiny” (name is actually Tripp)


Andrew Brace judging Best in Breeders Sweepstakes at Santa Barbara Kennel Club. Things were ...

If Bear could answer only one question in English, what would you ask him?

Jackson is a typical young GSP, and can still jump up at people if excited, and can also be a bit clumsy when playing too enthusiastically.

We got her soon after losing our 12 year old GSP, Nike. We had forgotten how difficult the "puppy stage" was.

Jackson the GSP. His smile matches his energy and enthusiasm for life.


Crate Pad Nesting TUFF Dog Bed Red img ...

under control

Dog with bowl in mouth

German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy

Miracle started to have urinary incontinence when she was only four years old.

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Alice and Dasha, the Toy Poodle. “

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