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From the funding of antimedia ultramedia NGOs to entangled in

From the funding of antimedia ultramedia NGOs to entangled in


robertogreco: John Berger Uses of Photography About Looking.

lightresist: Fermilab Bubble Chamber

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2016 leaked document from Coca-Cola showing the regulations from the EU they intend to “Prepare” for “Monitor” or “Fight Back”

The 37 decentralised agencies of the European Union

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thvndermag: www.instagram.com/iago_mendez_suazo/

A tumblr post of a screenshot of a twitter post of a tumblr post of a screenshot of a reddit post of a tweet

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weissesrauschen: Justyna Olszewska

Blue Marble (1972) vs Black Hole (2019)

magictransistor: Brion Gysin Untitled (Ink wash on paper).

Global Corruption Report 2003: Access to Information by Transparency International - issuu

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inneroptics: Alain Laboile

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This is DATA


nonaxeternitylife: (via devouringeye x2mx)

KeepingWatchOnTheCabal-Illuminati-NewWorldOrder-Khazarian-ZionistsPart2.pdf | National Security Agency | Surveillance

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“Last month, the IMF lowered its global economic growth forecast for this year from 3.7% to 3.5%. Lagarde cited what she called “four clouds” as the main ...



weissesrauschen: Stephanie E. Hanes

The redesign of the prodigious novel Star Maker, by William Olaf Stapledon, first published in 1937, serves as an experiment on…

jjunymuustardd:Christian Rex van Minnen.

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white helmet infographic (2)


Refik Anadol – 2019 SALT Galata_

As of 2010, the agencies were focused on targeting suspected terrorists, sharing intelligence related to piracy in the Horn of Africa, and they were ...

robertogreco: Hicham Benohoud La salle de classe 1994-2000.


Bitcoin exchanges are seeing liquidity dry up as traders move their funds to cold storage in anticipation of possible problems. The lack of funds on ...

Picture: untitled by Kyle Ryan, licence CC0 1.0

Migrants and refugees wait to be transferred from a search and rescue vessel run by the

By: Shaun Bradley / AntiMedia As the vulture pundits in the mainstream media pick apart hollow political scandals, the essential bankruptcy of the federal ...

Despite what the fork-tongued haters in our community may say (always mixing apples and oranges) in order to promote themselves most of us here in the ...

It can be intimidating as a female DIYer walking into a store where predominately male professionals shop right? There is such an advantage to shopping at a ...


Yves Tanguy- George Platt LYNES

These, combined with Japanese treasure recovered during the US occupation, and with recovered Nazi loot, would create a worldwide American political action ...

Each quarter Credit Suisse’s U.S. Equity Strategy team, led by Lori Calvasina, takes a deep dive into the stock level holdings of long-only, ...

The seven major fibre bundles of the human brain; these tracks are created using DSI Studio and rendered in TrackVis. Image: Sudhir Pathak

Better-management.org has invaluable information for better decisions. - You have the opportunity to be a better manager by understanding more about the ...

Summit Learning is a nonprofit, high-tech “customized learning” group funded by Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan's family charity; under the program, ...

STOCKHOLM – A 39-year-old old Uzbek man confessed Tuesday to ramming a stolen truck into a crowd in Stockholm, killing four people and wounding 15, ...

Jihad vs. McWorld: Terrorism's Challenge to Democracy - PDF Free Download

Recode Decode with Kara Swisher

Dorothea Lange photographing tree- Pirkle Jones “ While there is perhaps a province in which the photograph can tell us…

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"Conservative CIA": News Sites, Think Tanks, Politicians, Foundations, John Birchers, Nazis and Terrorists -- "Liberal CIA"/Soros Opposition

Our measures of Facebook use included liking others' posts, creating one's own posts, and clicking on links. We also had measures of respondents' real-world ...

"The Disney brand is synonymous with beloved movies that the whole family can enjoy," Craig Erwich, senior vice president and head of ...

From a Season 3 episode of the Simpsons titled “Black Widower.”

By: Carey Wedler/ANTIMEDIA Op-Ed This week, the Trump administration condemned the Venezuelan government following the countrys recent election.

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President John F. Kennedy with children on Halloween

BLOG-O-NEWS: Lindsey Graham Just Became Feinstein's Worst Nightmare Investigation Imm..

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Chor by Shisha workshop Toulouse part. E

Migrant Prison: Nighttime Sabotage at Lemay Company Headquarters

In a protest against the creation of a UAE military base in Somalia, banners read No to military bases, no to aggression outside the UAE embassy in London, ...

Related: S.W.I.F.T. Defies Khazarian Mafia; Gives Board Seat to Russia

The attacker who recently hacked Bo Shen's account draining his REP and ETH funds, though some were later recovered, has been named in yet another hit on ...

Debunking A Dangerous Myth About Tornado Sirens - They Shouldn't Warn You Inside

Soros Funds Black Hate Groups

The Truth About Masculinity, Alpha vs Beta & Becoming the Conscious Creator

... female is the only discrepancy, making it most likely a typo and nothing more. [end excerpt] * "The Political Motivations Of The Planned Parenthood ...

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Source: Antimedia | by Staff Writer

Announcing the 6th annual TMC African Po.


Cannabis is now legal in a majority of states in the US, but the federal agencies are still doing what they can to limit the freedoms of cannabis users.

“Over the last decade, Hawaii has become a hub for the development of genetically engineered corn and other crops, but activists opposed to biotech crops ...

A man removes debris from a ruined building on the outskirts of the eastern Ukrainian town of Slovyansk on Aug. 6

Heraldic research on the Internet. If your last name is not here we may still have history for