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Great developers are raised not hired Eduards Sizovs hiring

Great developers are raised not hired Eduards Sizovs hiring


Great developers are raised, not hired - Eduards Sizovs #hiring #talent # recruitment

A broken toy

Your mentees are your fan club.


Great developers are raised, not hired |> News and podcasts for developers |> Changelog

Image for Eduards Sizovs' LinkedIn activity called 🔥 Hot off the press: “Lifehacks

patryk zieliński @zielinski1983

It's better to complete 100% of 8 things than 80% of 10 things -

patryk zieliński @zielinski1983

The real 10x engineer is the one that cancels a meeting with 9 other engineers -

Looks good to me!

In many companies, it's easier to get root access than buying a book. ⠀

Eduards Sizovs – Beyond Software Craftsmanship


Even if you've already started traditional litigation for clinical negligence, commercial issues or multi-party disputes, #mediation could still be the ...

Great developers are raised, not hired – The Principal Developer by Eduards Sizovs

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As TechRepublic reported, these professionals are among the most wanted in the tech industry and 33% of IT leaders report having a hard time hiring profiles ...

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Sleep is key for developers performance

SREs Happiest Highest Paid in Industry

Focusing on job titles, roles and responsibilities is distracting us from what really matters to our customers – money 💰.

When you see people coming to your work for a job interview

Jordi Cabot on Instagram: “The more practical reason to learn to code is much simpler, more mundane, but much more personally powerful: you can very quickly ...

Managing Projects

devRant - A fun community for developers to connect over code, tech & life as a programmer

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>you love Google >you're writing a CV >you have big ego >your CV looks like that one >you're probably me

Scrum is Driving us Crazy!

Jordi Cabot on Instagram: ““The purpose of software engineering is to control complexity, not to create it.”⠀ ⠀ - Pamela Zave⠀ ⠀ #software #complexity ...

There is no excuse for not doing what you love. The world is huge and rewarding. Don't be afraid to find (and do) what you love ❤ . It's now or never.

Motorola came up with the best Android gestures: heres how to use them


We were promised faster communication. What we got was faster miscommunication. - Arthur Whane

Hacker Bits Cover, Issue 40

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Six Agile Product Development Myths: Busted

Buying a domain name is buying the wonderful feeling that you'll actually finish the

San Francisco to ban cashless brick-and-mortar stores http://dlvr

Job advertisement of the biggest software company here at our train station in Dortmund, Germany.

Architecture should be a first class concept. It shouldn't be represented by compilation

If you like the post - please let me know. We can stay in touch on Twitter, Goodreads. 👋

But as I recently tweeted, they are ruling the world, and more of them are needed. Let's get creative to train and hire more of these amazing professionals!

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Jen Luker on

Microsoft reveals hackers accessed some Outlook.com accounts for months

Feature Driven Development: Focus on What Your Clients Value

“Most of human and animal learning is unsupervised learning. If intelligence was a cake

Review: An Everyone Culture

Just wanna ask this recruiter what is he smokin in there considering the skills required for this internship.


AITA for not wanting to pay for a diamond ring?

Wearing my eye-watering loud paisley shirt on stage at New Adventures.

15 Tips to Build and Manage a Team Successfully

I've always thought I'm a software developer, but not according to these guys T_T

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I'm looking forward to May: wrapping up and launching the next phase of a project for a client, running the Hackney Half Marathon (and maybe the ...

“'Cause if you like this code, then you shoulda put a test on

서울 ...

Today's founder's breakfast was about product development/mgnt #foundersbreakfast #hub31 #darmstadt #productmanagementpic.twitter.com/jpbGN6MYKb

As part of my New Year's Resolution to swim outside I went to the first Foxlake Open Water Swim out near Dunbar. I'll hopefully be attending a few more of ...

#woman #strong #ladies ...

Trump told CBP head he'd pardon him if he were sent to jail for

First law of software quality More Code, Learn Programming, Java, Software Development,

So my friend started this job as a junior software developer at minimum wage and sent me this. You should've figured out what 'ben' means.

The Practicing IT Project Manager LLC

Looking to cut down on Gradle boilerplate? Read my new blog post to see how

How to use your metrics to foster team improvement?

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Eduards Sizovs

Today's founder's breakfast was about product development/mgnt #foundersbreakfast #hub31 #darmstadt #productmanagementpic.twitter.com/jpbGN6MYKb

Jordi Cabot on Instagram: ““Duplication is the primary enemy of a well-designed system.” ― Robert C. Martin, And redundant comments are just places to ...


Dreams do come true! 😀

Image for Olga Zdanchuk's LinkedIn activity called UniWeb was honored to be part of the delegation

9 developer's lies by Mario Fusco: 1 Tested 2 Fixed 3 Not a bug 4

I flirted with this path for a time in my own career, until I realized that it was not sustainable for my temperament. I had to admit to myself that the ...

There's no VALUE in Scrum? - Scrum.nl | Articles for project management and

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Guide to software developer advertisements

Make Yourself The Best So That People Like This Feel low After Knowing You #innergrowth #grow #development

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Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. ⠀ Working together is success

John Sonmez

Managing Software Development

Update #FreeOlaBini Swedish consul has visited @olabini at Unidad de Flagrancia. No foreigner

Lauris Birzulis

How to Select Your Risk Responses •

37 Of The Best Mother's Day Gifts Of 2019

Mike Griffiths teaches us how to create the truly great charter your project deserves. 10 minutes to read.

Experience has taught me that developers are generally terrible at predicting how many hours it will take for them to do something, and I don't think that's ...

Scott Hanselman

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