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How Mars Turning Direct In Capricorn Will Affect Your Love Life And

How Mars Turning Direct In Capricorn Will Affect Your Love Life And


How Mars Turning Direct In Capricorn Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships This Week, Starting August 27th

How Mars Turning Direct In Capricorn Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships This Week,


How Pluto Turning Direct In Capricorn Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships This Week, Starting September 30th

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Take your power back. That's what Pluto direct is telling you in your horoscopes. Once upon a time, there was a tiny planet named Pluto, discovered in 1930 ...

In astrology, retrograde periods are becoming more and more well known, in particularly “Mercury Retrograde” which many people who only dabble in astrology ...

How This Summer's Fiery and Aggressive Mars Retrograde Will Affect Your Sign - VICE

Ultimately one of the challenges of this Saturn-ruled Mars retrograde will be how responsibly and maturely you can handle the unbridled energy that is ...

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Forget Mercury in retrograde—it's Saturn in Capricorn that's really powerful

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Strength, vitality, willpower, and momentum will return over the next few weeks. Mars is stationing direct in Capricorn, which might feel like our actions ...

Finding our center between past and future, in other words, staying in the present moment, might be the best way to navigate through life, but particularly ...

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Horoscopes and Astrology Insights

Pluto turns retrograde April 24, at 23 degrees of Capricorn. It will remain retrograde until October 3, when it turns direct at 20 degrees of Capricorn.

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We're all thinking about Saturn turning direct in Capricorn. Meantime there's a T-square forming. We're bound to see vicious attacks with this, ...

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What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Love Life This Week: April 9, 2018

In the past week we have had the planet Pluto in Capricorn shift direction to retrograde. Today, Monday April 29th, Saturn has also turned retrograde in ...

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This month's Full Moon in Capricorn, Thursday June 28th, asks us if we are 'fulfilled,' illuminated, and ripened in our path of ambition.

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How Mercury Retrograde March 2019 Will Affect Your Love Life, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

From today, the balance has changed. Now 60% of the planets are direct. And believe me, retrograde Mars in Capricorn was a very sad story.

Mars and Uranus will be enlivening our spirits and stoking those irrepressible, instigating Aries fires for the first six weeks of 2019.

The celestial Love Goddess, Venus, will bless you with a triple-shot of love. Venus in Capricorn will affect you in work, family, and romantic pursuits.

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All Planets Turn Direct (January 6, 2019). A ...

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How your Venus sign affects your love life

Mars Retrograde in 2018: Redefining the Ambition of Humanity

We will experience some major planetary shifts in the New Year that will affect the world and our personal lives.

Saturn and Karma

Capricorn women can be difficult to understand at times. But they are often well worth

Choose your weapon carefully now; it is a fail-safe designed to be utilized only in moments where “flight” is no longer an option. Pray for the wisdom to ...

Full Moon in Capricorn/Mars Retrograde

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Mars Retrograde Questions: What is my ...

Forecasts and horoscopes. The Tarot Lady's monthly horoscopes. Astrology. Zodiac.

Natal Mars Retrograde


With six planets retrograde this summer, you've probably experienced a lot of delays. Mercury turned direct on August 19th. Mentally, collectively, we look ...

Your biggest planetary ally is Mars this month as this assertive, go-after- what-it-wants energy is adding a flair for the bold. You'll need this can-do ...

The first eclipse in the calendar is January 31st in Leo, this lunar eclipse is at a special degree in the zodiac that is connected to the planet Neptune.


No Retrogrades In Your Love Life In 2019, Thanks To Venus & Mars

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5 Zodiac Signs That Mercury Retrograde In March 2019 Will Affect The Least

With Saturn's ingress into Capricorn, the Venus Star Point in Capricorn and Uranus' entry into Taurus this year, the earth signs are prominent.

September is a rare gem of a month in a difficult last half of 2018. Both Mercury and Mars are direct in capable signs and stern Saturn turns direct also.

We're kicking off the zodiac year. Aries is the renewal of spring, those first signs of life after winter. This season points to Mars in Gemini, ...

That aspect becomes exact one week later, but will still be felt prior, making a somewhat agreeable aspect with one another (the sextile).

We've had a New Moon, a Mercury retrograde, a Mercury turn around to direct, the Sun entering Capricorn, the Winter Solstice, ...

This week's celestial events will fire off cosmic fireworks that will rival anything we'll see on the Fourth of July. We are already feeling the effects of ...

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... a breather in life. MarsRx2018.SharitaStar2 What's ...