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How To Edit Underwater Photography With Lightroom and Photoshop

How To Edit Underwater Photography With Lightroom and Photoshop



how to edit underwater photography with lightroom and photoshop video tutorial jp danko blurmedia toronto commercial

How To Edit Underwater Photography - DIY Photography

How To Edit Underwater Photos with Photoshop & Lightroom

How to Edit Underwater Photography | Underwater Photography Tutorial | Underwater Photography Lightroom Tutorial | Editing Underwater Photos | Tips for ...

how to edit underwater photography with lightroom and photoshop video tutorial jp danko blurmedia toronto commercial

In this workshop, we will do a quick and simple fix for blue and washed out underwater photos using Adobe Photoshop. This workshop is a follow up from this ...

View Before and After of the Image

Color Correction and Helpful Tips For Underwater Boudoir Editing

Create amazing underwater photography on a budget

How to Edit GoPro Underwater Photos in Lightroom

Editing underwater photography photos using Luxe Film Photoshop Actions

Lightroom Photoshop tutorial how to change water color

Underwater Photography Editing - Enhancing The Details

the white balanced image

The finished image after local adjustments in Lightroom and backscatter removal in Photoshop.

Lightroom's new dehaze feature could mean big things for underwater photography - let's check it out

While you can customize your white balance underwater, perhaps the most efficient way to reproduce realistic color temperatures is to set the white balance ...

What does a camera histogram due? Photoshop Lightroom tutorial

Color filters and post-processing are the subject of many conversations with underwater photographers. Which is better? Does it matter if you use a GoPro or ...

How to edit underwater photos in Photoshop – tips and peculiarities

How to edit underwater photos in lightroom and photoshop- Plus compositing!

GoAskErin Intensive Photoshop for Beginners - Monterey, CA - November 1-3, 2019




The white balance tool is denoted by an “eye dropper” icon in Lightroom (left) and Camera RAW (right)

Go Ask Erin Lightroom Intensive for Beginners

Color correction can make a world of difference in your photos. This is an example of a RAW file straight out of camera compared with an edited version of ...

Editing Tutorials. Photoshop Tutorial how to remove backscatter from underwater photos

CS4 for the Underwater Photographer

Avoiding backscatter in underwater photos

End-User License Agreement

A “cheat sheet” of the key shortcuts for Lightroom and Photoshop

GoAskErin Intensive Lightroom for Intermediate/Advanced - Monterey, CA - August 2-4

... you either edit the photo or choose to generate standard or 1:1 previews. There is also an option to set Lightroom to generate its own previews when it ...

How to Create Amazing Underwater GoPro Photos Using Lightroom - PLP #153

8 Tips for Creating Amazing Lighting in Underwater Photos

How to Sharpen Teeth not Water in Lightroom · How To Edit Shark Photos

Photo Editing Workshop: Lightroom & Photoshop

SHINE ~ Unleash Your Awesome ~ Laura Morita Photography | Online Lightroom and Photoshop editing workshop

Editing underwater photography photos using Luxe Film Photoshop Actions

underwater photography edit of boy sitting in pool

27 Oct Dial-a-Blue – Adjusting the Color of Water using Adobe Lightroom

Marco Vibes GoPro Lightroom Presets

View Before and After Color Comparision Video Frame Grab


An Underwater Photographer's Guide to Lightroom CC 2017

Lightroom's Develop module contains controls for globally adjusting the tonality and color in your photos. Like most digital captures, this file needs some ...

Returning from a dive vacation is great – we're relaxed and have taken the edge off the quest to dive every day. But as underwater photographers, ...



Fix Color of Underwater GoPro Photos RAW/GPR


lightroom-shortcuts-underwater-photography. Editing Tutorials

Lightroom Bootcamp for Underwater Photographers

Shooting and editing RAW files can be a challenge for underwater photographers who don't have the time or inclination to learn sophisticated software.

... a live edit using Adobe's Lightroom and Photoshop. I highly recommend bringing your laptop with these programs installed. They offer a 30 day trial here ...

Dehaze adjusment


Erin Quigley is an Adobe ACE certified digital imaging consultant specializing in customized workflows and editing strategies using Adobe Photoshop and ...

Either way, whatever level of editing you intend to get into, the software you use will make a big difference. Do you want to learn Photoshop or Lightroom ...

unedited (SOOC) image for boy underwater. Unedited image. underwater photography edit ...

White balance as shot.

South Africa: Underwater Photography and Video Internship | Global Nomadic

Underwater photography: Coral Reef photographed during snorkeling

A few cameras, namely Olympus and Fuji, embed smaller previews, but by shooting in RAW+JPEG mode, Lightroom can use the JPEG version in the same way.

Blue Spring State Park Florida - Woman Underwater


Lightroom workflow speeds up as we learn tips and tricks for optimizing our photo editing and cataloging. In this article I've compiled a list of Lightroom ...

Dive Seals Montague Island - Edit Underwater Photo

Scott regularly shoots underwater with a wide-range of compact, mirrorless and dSLR housings. His photos have appeared in most major dive magazines.

Split screen correction showing before and after

Photo ManipulationSurrealAdobe Photoshop. Final product image

Photo Editing Services


Lightroom 3 for the Underwater Photographer DVD

When I spoke with my friend Steve the other day, he told me that he believes that everyone wants to go home from their vacation with a story to tell.

Lightroom Tutorial: Retouching Underwater Photography - PLP # 66 by Serge Ramelli

Free Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets by MCP™

Underwater Photography Tips for Beginning Photographers - How to Take Underwater Photos with DSLR?

Ever since I've been a photographer I've only known and used two editing programs, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. However, the big news cruising ...

Once I had a pool, I did some research and learned underwater photography is not

underwater photography locations

No one likes blue- or green-tinted underwater images. Shooting in RAW gives us the ability to post-set the white balance point for pleasing coloration.

Wide Angle Underwater Photography Boot Camp – Roatan – April 11-18 & 18-

Israel Gil custom Lightroom Presets for ocean freediving and underwater photography.

A half underwater photo taken with a Telesin GoPro dome

Underwater photography of Turtle.

Underwater Photos: A Deep Dive Into Prep, Gear, Shooting, and Editing

British Underwater Photographer of the Year Grant Thomas' Equipment Essentials

Fishes with lighroom edits.jpg

Bonaire Tailor-Made Underwater Photography Workshops

Actually, a solution to both problems is to pull the strobes back so that the head of the strobe is behind the handles of the camera housing.