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It had been clear for some time that the Mona Lisa had been altered

It had been clear for some time that the Mona Lisa had been altered


Wikimedia Commons // Public Domain

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The Mona Lisa Foundation

We are talking about the actual genuine Mona Lisa. You know, the one that the original post conveniently linked for you:


Mona Lisa copy went from worthless to the most valuable copy in the world

It had been clear for some time that the Mona Lisa had been altered at some

Early copy of the Mona Lisa at the Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore, showing columns on either side of the subject. It has for a long time been ...

500-year-old mystery of Mona Lisa's identity on verge of being solved

Musée du Louvre, Wikimedia Commons // Public Domain

Alvaro Tapia Hidalgo

Why is the Mona Lisa smiling? You asked Google – here's the answer | David Colman | Opinion | The Guardian

image. Raphael GaillardeGetty Images. Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa has been ...

From Da Vinci to Degas: How famous artists were affected by their eyesight

Remember seeing the defaced image of the famous Mona Lisa painting with a drawn mustache and goatee? That was created by well known conceptual artist Marcel ...

A 3-D laser camera has found surprises in the “Mona Lisa.” Credit National Research Council of Canada. “

People Won't Stop Demanding The Mona Lisa To Be Cleaned, So Someone Just Explained What Would Happen

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The work is believed to have been made by an apprentice of Leonardo, at the same time as the original.

Pascal Cotte, a French engineer who has analysed da Vinci's famous painting and says reflective

“Earlier Mona Lisa” (1503-1506) (All photos courtesy The Mona Lisa Foundation)


Mona Lisa gives us the eye.

Historical Context. Mona Lisa offers ...

The Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci: History, Facts & Location


Mona Lisa in the Louvre

No Smiley Faces the Day the Lady Left the Louvre

The Mona Lisa on display in the Uffizi Gallery, in Florence (Italy).

Mona Lisa really isn't that into you

Christie's Is Selling This Painting for $100 Million. They Say It's by Leonardo. I Have Doubts. Big Doubts.

Why Leonardo da Vinci's brilliance endures, 500 years after his death

A new biography celebrates the great artist's more scientific innovations.

Theft of the Mona Lisa

Airbnb Louvre contest offers night at the museum with the Mona Lisa, sleeping in the iconic pyramid | South China Morning Post

Jonathan Jones: Tourist snappers are killing the Mona Lisa | Art and design | The Guardian

Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci

So, she truly was Leonardo's labour of love

The Louvre has housed the painting in Paris since 1797, but varnishes applied to the painting began to darken its look soon after the it was ...

Comparison to drawing sometimes identified as Leonardo's self-portrait

Perspective Mona Lisa to the Prado museum. Photo by Ingegneriadell´elizia CC BY-

Image. “


Mona Lisa (Hanging Out)

Mona Lisa second portrait spotted under Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece | Daily Mail Online

Each of the 9 Mona Lisa variants in a block was presented for maximal 6 seconds. Within this time window the participants were told to first indicate the ...

A relationship has been established between the 'Earlier Mona Lisa' and that of the Louvre through a discovery of the 21st century, the binocular ...

Also known as The "Mona Lisa of the North," this famous and mysterious painting has been around since 1665.

“La Joconde est Retrouvée” (Mona Lisa Found), Le Petit Parisien,

... the Louvre Mona Lisa, it differs from that painting in several significant ways. For one, the lady in this painting—which for lack of a better term was ...

All the Leonardo Da Vincis in the world: rated

Vincenzo Peruggia, the Italian handyman who stole the Mona Lisa, had trouble with the

Art attack: 5 masterpieces that have been damaged by vandals

Isabella of Aragon, Giulio Romano (School of Raphael), Doria Pamphilj Gallery


Kendrick Lamar and Lil Wayne Are a Perfect Student-Master Duo on "Mona Lisa"

His every act was driven by an insatiable scientific curiosity, throughout his life Leonardo was a relentless tough minded experimenter it was in a sense.

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Photo of Mona Lisa's Barbershop - Clarksville, TN, United States

Painting the Mona Lisa ...


Laurent Gillieron / Keystone / The Associated Press

Charles Towers-Clark

Mona Lisa's Smile Explained? Mystery of Leonardo Da Vinci's Masterpiece Revealed by Researchers

Art World

Mona Lisa Fondue

Mona Lisa Overdrive

The study reveals how La Bella Principessa (pictured right), painted by da Vinci

Michaela Gaborova - Mona Lisa Code liason to the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome

Leonardo Da Vinci Portrait. Leonardo da Vinci was ...

10 of the Most Famous Pieces of Art Ever Stolen

Who was the real 'Mona ...

art-painting-restoration-mona-lisa-tumblr-post-15. “

This photo released by the Northwest Regional Corrections Center shows Monalisa Perez. Perez, of

N ew find; 45.

Hans Memling, Portrait of a Young Man at Prayer, c. 1485-1494, oil on oak panel (Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid)

9 Facts About the Life of Leonardo Da Vinci They Didn't Teach You In School

Beyoncé and Jay-Z upstage the Mona Lisa in Apes--t


Beyoncé and Jay Z Take Selfies, Pose with the Mona Lisa Inside Louvre


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Shopping at Sarojini Nagar and posing at Humayun's Tomb: Mona Lisa's Delhi itinerary

The Secrets of the Mona Lisa review – is this really the story of the century?

The previous painting by Leonardo to come to light — Madonna and Child with Flowers,

The enduring portrait of Myspace Tom, the Mona Lisa of profile pictures