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Kia Stinger police car Queensland highway patrol 50 the fuzz

Kia Stinger police car Queensland highway patrol 50 the fuzz


Queensland Police are poised to roll out 50 Kia Stinger highway patrol cars. Picture:

Kia Stinger joins Western Australian police force

NT joins Qld backing Kia, while NSW and Vic cops go premium

Kia Stinger police car - Queensland highway patrol

Victoria Police BMW 530d highway patrol sedan. Computer illustration courtesy of Victoria Police.

Victoria Highway Patrol

Hot hatch fuzz! Australian police get new hardcore Honda Civic Type R

Ford FGX Falcon Highway Patrol.

Kia Stinger joins Western Australian police force

Queensland Police Commissioner Ian Stewart sits inside the new Kia Stinger highway patrol car as Assistant

Arkansas state police car -- Curated by Desert City Security Inc. | 2277 Turnberry Place, Kamloops, Bc, V1S 1S8 | 250-828-8778

The HSV GTS won't be used for regular highway patrol duties, instead it will join the arch rival Ford at regional shows and enthusiast events across the ...

Australian Police Adopt the Kia Stinger GT as its Newest Patrol Car Platform

Kia makes an extra-hot Stinger GTS with DRIFT MODE

Australian Police Cars Australian Federal Police ☆。☆。JpM ENTERTAINMENT ☆。☆。

BMW 530d: The Victorian Police confirmed that they'd be getting at least some examples of the diesel-powered German mid-sized sedans for the highway patrol ...

Northumbria Police Audi A4 Quattro Roads Policing Unit Traffic Car | by PFB-999

2018 Kia Stinger GT Long-Term Update 4: Crashing for Science

The GT designation is well-earned.

Traffic and Highway Patrol Command - NSW Police Force - Ford

If you have been wondering when there'd be an enthusiast-spec special edition Kia Stinger, the answer is “now.” The world will get 800 2019 Kia Stinger GTSs ...

Rochester MN Police Department - Dodge Charger Police Car ☆。☆。JpM ENTERTAINMENT ☆。☆。

Kia Stinger GT Cabriolet is the BMW Z4 Rival Nobody Expects

The Stinger GT is compelling in many different ways.

But those are a dying breed, at least outside of luxury offerings typically beyond the scope of public budgets. But the Kia Stinger ...

Jeep has unveiled its four door ute. Named Gladiator, it's a Wrangler clone from the front until the beginning of the tray. From here it gets big.


We can't compile a top 10 best driver's car list without mentioning the Toyota 86. It debuted back in 2012, and, at the time, there was so much hype ...

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The king of the sports car world. This is all about driving feel and pure driving pleasure. No other car on the market at the moment is able to offer ...

The car pops itself into neutral constantly. Pull the handle back toward drive too aggressively, and bam, you're in neutral, ...

Quebec Provincial Police # 7020 Dodge Charger Police Patrol, Police Cars, Car Badges,

How can we ignore the mighty Nissan GT-R? This is a machine of a road car. It has evolved over decades, much like the M3. And like the M3, ...

The Nissan Armada Snow Patrol Is Ready To Haul Your Winter Toys

These go with a design line from Jeep: fit a 1.5m long tub, serious off-road chops, and carry a full sized spare wheel underneath the tray.

In car reviews, recounting how much “better” the Korean automakers are than they were in decades past has become painfully cliché.

Supercars have really changed in the last decade or so. They used to be pigs to drive in any other condition than flat-out on the highway.

Maine shootings: Gunman kills 3, wounds 4th before being shot dead by police


Tesla Model 3 police car makes an appearance at law enforcement tech conference – Automotivetestdrivers.com Your Source For Automotive News

Enthusiasts: 'PoPo' Patrol Car Proves This Police Dept Has a Sense of Humor - PressFrom - US

This one surprised us all. The new LC is breathtaking to behold, especially in the metal. It looks like a concept car that's not legal for road use.

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Nov News We Said Go Travel: The Future is BRIGHT

Up until now, the general policy was to use locally made cars as much as possible. However, now that the local factories have gone belly up, ...

Kia's Stinger GT has been given a host of seriously angry upgrades for SEMA, and while it's probably pretty uncomfortable, we love its looks

It's a vehicle that's been at the top of many driving fans' wish list for decades. BMW keeps evolving the 3 Series-based sports sedan/coupe.

Volkswagen Golf GTI You see them everywhere and yes they look pretty boring, really. But it's not until you drive one – like, really drive one – that you ...

2019 Dodge Durango Pursuit: Testing Dodge's V-8 Police SUV

"Road Champs" 1:43 scale. Police Cars, Champs, Scale,

Range Rover Sport SVR At the top of the SUV foodchain it's the Range Rover Sport SVR. What a beast. Under the bonnet is a 5.0-litre supercharged V8 that ...


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Microsoft tactical vehicle

One very likely contender at the moment is the Chrysler 300 SRT . One of these V8-engined sedans was spotted wearing the NSW Police livery back in May.

2018 Kia Stinger GT Long-Term Review Update | Do we like the seats?

Jeremy Clarkson's Fiat Coupé

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Kids charity car wash gets in gear


Hit & run that left witnesses in tears

This is Ferrari's most powerful naturally aspirated, non-hybrid road car ever. Its 6.5-litre V12 produces a monstrous 588kW ...

Man kills woman and her mother before fleeing with two children and shooting self during police chase


Jaguar F-Pace S This is one for the everyday driver. Although we like the feel of the BMW X3 better – and we're eagerly waiting for the X3 M40i to arrive ...

43,735 “Rollas” were sold in 2014, against 43,313 3s. Toyota claimed position number 3 in 2014. Their HiLux 4×2 and 4×4 utes, in two and four door ...


Ask the Best and Brightest: Your Entire Car Owning History Please

Estimated prices are somewhere around $55K as a starter with a current estimated top whack of around $80k. Naturally these are subject to change.


Richard Hammond's Suzuki Escudo

Microsoft connected police car ...

2011 FORD CROWN VICTORIA at MarketBook.com.gh

After making an appearance at New York Fashion Week, the Kia Telluride is back with some off-road mods. The automaker is debuting four highly-modified ...

Will you Love Kia Stinger? Lisa in KIA Stinger

Ashburton Guardian, Thursday, March 7, 2019 by Ashburton Guardian - issuu



The Inside Of This High Mileage Engine Proves The Importance Of Proper Maintenance

2008 FORD CROWN VICTORIA at MarketBook.co.tz

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10.31.09 (Vintage Garage Hour): Halloween, Batmobile VS Ghostbusters Hearse VS

The Weekly Advertiser - Wednesday, August 22, 2018

2000 FORD CROWN VICTORIA at MarketBook.com.gh

Mr. F., I thought you would have had cooler cars than that.


(2.13/30), 84

... special rapidly veered off-course into fighting men (from dive-bombing presidents to white-sheet navy) and their weapons (from quad-.50 M-16 half-tracks ...

Attack on three generations of family

2011 FORD CROWN VICTORIA at MarketBook.com.gh


1996 Chevrolet Impala SS (POLICE)