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Living Long and Prospering in Vulcan Alberta Alberta Travel

Living Long and Prospering in Vulcan Alberta Alberta Travel


Canada has it's own Star Trek themed town called Vulcan, Alberta. Live long and prosper in Vulcan!

Living Long and Prospering in Vulcan Alberta

Living Long and Prospering in Vulcan Alberta | Unique Travel | Pinterest | Alberta travel, Travel and Canada travel

Vulcan is a tiny town of close to 2000 residents in the southern part of Alberta that has embraced it's name and has become a Star Trek themed town!

Vulcan, Alberta | SuitcaseandHeels.com

Vulcan, Alberta. Vulcan. Live long and prosper ...

Klingon Weapon silver metal blade with sharp edge facing down, the left and right side

Vulcan Tourism and Trek Station: Live long and prosper

Vulcan, Alberta | SuitcaseandHeels.com

Courtesy Vulcan Tourism

Vulcan Alberta claims the world's largest model of the Starship Enterprise. Live long and prosper

Quebec City is the only fortified city in North America -- walk with me through

Star Trek Memorabilia

tourism centre at Vulcan, AB : Stock Photo

Starship in Vulcan, Alberta

Outside is a monument to Gene Roddenberry.

tourism centre at Vulcan, AB : Stock Photo

Happy Trek Day from Vulcan Alberta

Enterprise monument in Vulcan, Alberta

"Live Long and Prosper!" - Vulcan Tourism and Trek Station. Canada; Alberta ...

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vulcan,_Alberta (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Vulcan,_Alberta)

Vulcan hopes building its own working starship will help town live long and prosper

Vulcan Tourism and Trek Station: Live Long and Prosper

Star Trek Memorabilia in Vulcan, Alberta


Live Long and Prosper ๐Ÿ––๐Ÿป . Words to live by . Visit Vulcan Alberta ๐Ÿ˜Š

Arriving in Vulcan we are greeted by some strange words that interpreted to English mean 'Live long and prosper.' An adage well know to Star Trek ...

Dedication plaque on the base of Vulcan Starship FX6-1995-A monument. Modeled after the Star Trek Starship Enterprise. Vulcan, Alberta, Canada.

Tourism and Trek Station. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Vulcan_v... (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Vulcan_visitor_centre.JPG)

Jules-Marie @Juulzmarie ยท 15 Jun 2017. live long and prosper #StarTrek # Vulcan #Alberta #traveling ...

... Star Trek Town: Vulcan, Alberta, Canada | by Travel Alberta Canada

The town's name has brought some attention that has helped it become a tourist attraction. The faces on this sign pop out so that you can put your own face ...

Live Long and Prosper - Vulcan, Alberta.

From left, Dayna Dickens, Tourism co-ordinator for the Town of Vulcan and Vulcan County, and Erin Melcher, Information Services co-ordinator for Vulcan ...

A crosswalk painted across the street for pedestrians. in the center of the white lined

Vulcan elevator row in the 1960s

Vulcan Tourism and Trek Station: Welcome sign

Vulcan builds Canada's first solar park - Green Energy Futures

*Seek out new life and new civilisations.

Photo of Star Ship FX6-1995-A - Vulcan, AB, Canada.

82. The Final Frontier. Vulcan, Alberta ...

Vulcan Tourism and Trek Station: Even way out in the prairie

A new Canada Post stamp of Mr. Spock was introduced to Vulcan, Alta., residents at a ceremony Friday. (Supplied)

#trekie | by Derman01 Live long and prosper... #trekie | by Derman01

150 Reasons Canada Is Great in Honor of Its 150th Anniversary


Then we wandered over to the tourist information center, which is a veritable goldmine of Star Trek paraphernalia. We were a little disappointed by the lack ...

Jeff McIntosh

bucketlistmoose Live long and prosper! #vulcan #vulcanalberta #startrek #fulltimervfamily #livelongandprosper

The Starship FX6-1995-A proudly overlooks Highway 23, halfway between Calgary and Lethbridge near the Centre Street entrance to Vulcan, Alberta.

Cowboys and Klingons: Photos From a Small-Town Star Trek Convention

Starship Enterprise FX6-1995-A, Vulcan, Alberta, image by Flickr user Tris Hussey via Creative Commons

Elisse sez: "Live Long & Prosper!"

Live Long & Prosper, Vulcan, Calgary

At the corner of Live Long and Prosper ...

In Vulcan, Alberta.

See Leonard Nimoy visit the real Vulcan!

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WATCH ABOVE: The town of Vulcan, Alta. may be best known for its sci-fi tourist attractions, but it is now getting attention for a new scientific endeavour, ...

Best Place Names in Alberta

Vulcan builds Canada's first solar parkStar-Trek-themed town goes solar

We ...

Vulcan Starship

... Alberta wheat farms is the town of Vulcan โ€“ Live Long and Prosper. 20150901_065523

Star Trek museum beaming out of Vulcan

... Dif Tor Heh Smusma | by Chris Saulit

Leonard Nimoy, who played Spock in the original Star Trek series, waves to his fans in Vulcan, Alta. ((Jeff McIntosh/Canadian Press))

A glass window with a mural of Captain Picard holding a large sewing needle with the

If you want to brush up on your Klingon, Vulcan is the place to do it. Vulcan, Alberta ...

Star Trek Mural in Vulcan, Alberta

USS Enterprise, Vulcan, Alberta

... VULCAN AB. original painting ...

In this file photo, employees of Vulcan County stand on the steps of the town hall and wave as actor Leonard Nimoy, who played Spock in the original Star ...

We finished the day in Vulcan with lunch back at the Information Centre. What a great day - well worth a visit. LIVE LONG AND PROSPER

Star Trek Town: Vulcan, Alberta, Canada

Twp Rd 184 Rural Vulcan County, Alberta


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Peru, Illinois: Star Trek Vulcan Hand

Star Trek Commander Julia with Captains Kirk and Spock

Photo by Kyler Zeleny

Vulcan's 'Trek Station'

The side of a building with five staff members from the medical staff from various Star

Star Trek tourism hits warp speed in Vulcan, Alta.

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