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Mondays seem to be an errand running kind of day I got about half

Mondays seem to be an errand running kind of day I got about half


Mondays seem to be an errand running kind of day! I got about half of

Millennials running in hamster wheels

... most votes would go to the Republican Party just on policy grounds. "We are forced to vote with the Democratic party to continue white supremacy and to ...

Roanoke Times , February 11, 1892 ( Encyclopedia Virginia )

By 1881 the punishment was less harsh and solicitors A. V. Vaisey noted that the defendant, who was convicted for stealing apples, was fined 15/— or seven ...

Five solid days of running, 5315 elevation gain, longest run 14.3 miles, one mountain bike ride (with two bear encounters ...

Ben Affleck showed off his dramatic weight loss in Los Angeles on Monday

... for a radical change of job, place or situation. You're worth it. Life is too short for the mediocre or the miserable. Better to open yourself the Grace ...


The soldier's additional remarks read: “To Whom it May Concern; The 28th Division as a whole is run not for the soldier but ...

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Ben showed off his healthy new look in LA on Monday

27 Park Place, New York. For sale by all Booksellers, or mailed, post-paid, on receipt of price.

weather Chimney Tops 2 Fire

Half Dome in Clouds at Sunset

This particular email was distributed by nationgrantunited@gmail.com. The United Nations (nor PSI) would use a gmail address (all official PSI ...

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The quarry was drained and there were no signs of Robert. He is still missing.

The Simpsons in celebration-mode.

On Monday, Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie T. Johnson appeared on Good Morning America to

The actor's ex-wife Jennifer Garner staged an intervention

But before you can even address your general uselessness, there's an even bigger issue—your pre-set path ended. Kids in school are kind of like employees of ...

Illustrations by Erin Aniker

Monday morning came and after getting dressed I headed out around 7:15 to walk the half mile or so to where the buses were loading to take people to the ...

Tell Me Lies

... from my children—whether they are scribbled with a Sharpie on a yellow sticky note or written in perfect penmanship on lined paper. But the Mother's Day ...

If you have any information please contact the Downers Grove Police Department or the DuPage County Crime Stoppers as listed on the poster.

Victims felt bursts of sound and pressure that left them dizzy and racked with headaches. No known cause seemed to fit.

Wherever you are, time is running out for treating gonorrhoea | The Independent

Valentine's Day art in my son's first grade classroom.

Group Run

The Heart of Perfection | Book by Colleen Carroll Campbell | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

The Folkman Law Blog — Serving New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Views Don't Pay the Bills: What Happened After I Hit 85,000 Views and Went Viral on LinkedIn

Tex McIver

Make the items on your to-do list specific, realistic and simple — don't secretly pack eight or 10 tasks inside one huge item, like “finish project.

Until one morning in mid-November of 1959, few Americans—in fact, few Kansans—had ever heard of Holcomb. Then a brutal murder stunned the country.

13 Must-Follow Tips to Get Your Errands Done Faster Than Ever

Ben, 46, entered rehab last summer

The Psychedelic Miracle

What My Morning Journal Looks Like

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... who's Boston Marathon shoe featured a Dunkin' Donuts pattern, an instant muffin in a cup where you add water, microwave it and get a muffin!? ...

An Illustration of George R. R. Martin and Bryan Cogman.

Determined not to let that happen again, I went to Brooklyn Museum (a mere half-hour walk!) to see the Iggy Pop Life Class by Jeremy Deller exhibition, ...

Page-1-McNair-to-Hall-3-28-1977 ...

The Langs did not return to Boston until the fall. On October 13 B. J., Frances and Margaret (aged four) arrived in Boston from Liverpool on the “Aleppo” ...

Donna Penner woke during an operation 10 years ago: it affects her to this day

He covered what was left of the estate with grapes and in 1873 founded the Monticello Wine Company. The four-story brick headquarters stood on ...

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As soon as I decide if I'm going to be

How Often Do You Have Sex?

Anti-Slavery Tracts. Second Series, nos. 1-25 (1860-62) - Online Library of Liberty

Rare ALS by Neil Armstrong, the First Man on the Moon,

Winter means getting away. The dream is to one day financially reach the point where we can be away mid February through mid March.

Dacia 13:30 PT: Nine million successful lane changes have been logged in Tesla cars, per Bowers. They are now seeing 100,000 automated lane changes per day.

Chibok school uniforms.

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... there were guys like Epuri who thought it was okay to call me “sexy.” Amy put it so well — “the underbelly of being a woman on this networking site.”

Making Money from Webcomics by Webcomic Friends by Suomen sarjakuvaseura ry - issuu

Rob Lipsett fitness diary: a reminder you're a lazy, lazy person | British GQ

Domestic helper in Hong Kong turns photographer after snap capturing the sacrifice of working women wins National Geographic prize | South China Morning ...

ICCI membership form, ca. 1981 (ICS archives).

Also, we got good news later in the month — the inconclusive embryo was viable, too. So now, we had a back-up if this try didn't work.

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I'm not one for inspirational quotes but this is something that spoke to my

Trifold Front

VideoGame Rehab It's Real It's Awkward and It Might Be ...

The familiar protocol begins again. I cried when I began shots again. My hips had not yet healed from the last cycle and it was really painful.

Decatur Herald. 6 Jul 1908.

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The result was a 34-10 victory for the young East squad -- the third straight win for that half of the island. A sizable crowd was on hand -- mostly seated ...

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Please click here to complete the Mega Youth Poll ( For people aged between 13-19 years old)

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Indictment of John Henry James ( Library of Virginia )

Smarter: The New Science of Building Brain Power

I scrolled through the comments, and was shocked to see that while 75% of the comments were a very strong affirmative, i.e. “PREACH IT, SISTER!

Austin Kleon's Morning Routine

A New Life Awaits You In the Four-Day Week

And I had 12 hours free. It felt surreal, since I'm never alone at home. “What should I do with myself?

Photo of Magic Ground - Washington, DC, United States

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This past Saturday, Gage and I were driving home from running errands and having a little Mama-Son date and as we drove along the road to our house, ...

... of a half-daft and very inquisitive country maid. (the film part went to Joan Hickson, although Esma did appear in a BBC TV play version in 1938)

Decatur Herald. 7 Jul 1908.

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The mob of between 100 and 150 white citizens took to the tracks and crowded around the train as it made its scheduled stop. The editor of the Waynesboro ...

... the owner of the house, has foreseen the war and has prepared for its aftermath.

Half of a Yellow Sun