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Narrowing down the 10 best Victorinox knives is a fools errand

Narrowing down the 10 best Victorinox knives is a fools errand


Narrowing down the 10 best Victorinox knives is a fool's errand because there are so many great options for Swiss Army Knives but we did our best.

10 Best Victorinox Knives

The Compact is a personal favorite and one that I carry every day. This is one of the most compact versions of the SAK to have the most amount of functions.

Victorinox Executive

Victorinox Spatula knives are best for Chefs and Pastry cooks as they don't have

If you want something tiny, the Classic SD is your best bet. This model may very well be the best-selling knife on Earth. It is small and simple and fits ...


The Pioneer is the civilian version of the Soldier, which is considered the “true Swiss Army Knife.” The only difference is that it adds a keyring.


In terms of actual carrying, the SwissChamp is far from the best. But it allows Victorinox to showoff its knife-making prowess.

I have 2 Victorinox knives: a chef's knife and a paring knife. $40 and $7 respectively, and I got a long honing steel for another $8.

Carol Vorderman: Flying Engineer

Vintage US DIVERS Aqua-Lung SEA HAWK Scuba Dive Knife STAINLESS STEEL Circa 1970

Victorinox Cutlery | eBay

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As SAKWiki puts it, the Spartan is probably the most common and best-known 91mm SAK. It is essentially a modern version of the original officer's knife from ...

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Swiss Victorinox 5.0833 Steak Knife Round Tip Black ***BEST PRICE***

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The Cadet is a fan favorite mostly because it's a small knife with a good toolset and Alox scales. Because it has Alox scales, it doesn't have the tweezers ...

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And before I announce the finalists, now's your chance to single out some of your favorites. For those of you who braved the multitudes of paragraphs, ...

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