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One Engineers Hilarious Tech Solution for Deterring Package Theft

One Engineers Hilarious Tech Solution for Deterring Package Theft



The Package Guard

The Package Guard won't eradicate package theft, but it will help deter it the same way your car alarm or home security system can prevent, ...

The Package Guard automatically notifies you when your packages have been moved via email or a text message. The Package Guard can notify multiple people, ...

Package Thief vs. Glitter Bomb Trap

mark rober package theft technology glitter bomb recording prank

Best Cheap Cellphone Plans (And How to Choose the One That's Perfect for ...

Parcel theft: NASA engineer's invention to stop people stealing Christmas gifts

Homeowners Fight Back Against Thieves Stealing Packages From Porches

Sago Palms are targeted by plant thieves, photo courtesy Montreal Botanical Gardens

Electromagnetic shielding

Independent Living Solutions from Alarm Engineering powered by Alarm.com

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The Package Guard won't eradicate package theft, but it will help deter it the same way your car alarm or home security system can prevent, ...

Earlier this month, tech giant Microsoft announced its solution to “protect” American elections from interference, which it has named “ElectionGuard.

A sign posted by residents of a San Francisco condo complex asking delivery personnel to ring

Man booby-trapped boxes to stop package thieves

At the size of a frisbee, Package Guard is a Wi-Fi-enabled device that alerts you when a package has been delivered to your house and, more importantly, ...

Is your roommate stealing your food? There's a cold, hard way to stop theft

Now Playing: Packages Stolen Right Off the Doorstep

anti-theft devices

Being in an apartment building with locked doors isn't protection against package theft,

DIY bike alarm, Photo: Dfa.berkley.edu

Breaking News - Glitter bomb tricks parcel thieves

A “starter pack” meme showing the common horrors of self-checkout, a 40-year-old technology that's still terrible. Reddit

Package By Door

anti-theft devices

From Canine Patrols to High-Tech Fences: The Story of Electric Guard Dog

The Kamprad test, which tasks robots with the seemingly impossible job of assembling an IKEA chair, appears designed to comfort us mere mortals that we will ...

A package left on at a doorway in San Francisco.

Some practical (and hilarious) tips from Philadelphians to prevent stolen packages | PhillyVoice


5 Creative Ways to Protect Your Bike from Theft

One Step Ahead

Refer a Friend to Alarm Engineering and Save money!

cut-out door cut locks

InSight spacecraft to study interior of Mars – an annotated infographic

6. It's Not Your Lunch Locking Lunch Bag

cut-out door cut locks

Tiliter's smart checkout technology uses a camera at the self-serve area to identify a

Now, that's what I call high-speed internet: the 5G network coming soon – an annotated infographic

How to Secure Windows with Simple Window Locks

A scenario includes a variety of solutions that collectively make the city more resilient. The stress test evaluates how resilient and enables comparing ...

... Operating Instructions; Theft Deterrent Stickers

Wire transfer scams: The solution

Techmeme: Terminus Technologies, a Chinese startup that provides IoT solutions in 70 cities, raises ~$173M Series B led by China Everbright and IDG Capital ...

Gadgets Ninja lest Popular Gadgets For Christmas 2017 not Gadgets And Gizmos Littlebits soon Gadgets Synonym

3. Video cameras offer the convenience of real-time monitoring.

Johnson wrote about Daniel Everett's work on the evolution of language (October 7th). In “Don't Sleep, There Are Snakes”, published in 2008, ...

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10 bicycle protection tips to secure your bike from thieves

The CISO's Guide to Security Compliance (with PAM)

The Watchers

Pedestrian safety collaboration

... from the USSR's Committee for State Security—known internationally as the KGB—celebrated the procurement of a very elusive bit of Western technology.

We're beginning a new era in the cycle of travel theft in favor of the victim despite the amount of coverage of what thieves can do to you with technology.

Making the switch to biodegradable packaging is a good move ...

Hong Kong reassigns 3G spectrum amid fears of service degradation | South China Morning Post

Cybersecurity Simplified: Bastion Managed Services


Israeli firm Aquarius Engines says its reinvented internal combustion engine can allow cars to travel over 1,600 kilometres (990 miles) on a single tank of ...

Velo Sock at ISPO BIKE 2013

Man Exacts Revenge On Package Thieves With Trap That Fires Shotgun Blanks

Extremely locked bike, Photo: neatorama.com

D.B. Cooper and a stolen plane

#Construction #Building #AEC

Using video as part of an access control system provides an additional layer of security inside

Ransomware Protection & Removal: How Businesses Can Best Defend Against Ransomware Attacks | Digital Guardian


Bicycle guarded by a snake, Photo: bentrideronline.com

Warehouse workers from one of the world's biggest telecoms use their mobile device as a field

Security Solutions Magazine Issue #115

FOBO Tire Bluetooth 4.0 Theft Deterrent Android and iOS Compatible Tire Pressure Monitoring System with Car


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Grenade on bike, Photo: pinimg.com

First bike path made from recycled plastic – end of the road for asphalt and concrete? An annotated infographic

Touch-Based Technology


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Phone forwarding: The solution

Rise of the Rocket Girls book cover

A job seeker waits to talk to a recruiter. | Reuters/Rick Wilking

Member News: Park Assist has been awarded the Parking Guidance System (PGS) contract for centre:mk

Incentive stock options (ISOs) are a popular form of compensation for executives and other employees of corporations. They allow you to buy company stock in ...

Simple to setup, the Package Guard runs off of 4 AA batteries and will operate for 9 months without needing them changed. And with it's water-sealed design, ...

Identity Theft

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Meltdown, Spectre and the Future of Secure Hardware

One Engineer's Hilarious Tech Solution for Deterring Package Theft

Four Days to Change Your World

In an unfamiliar moment, China's pursuit of a larger role in the world coincides with America's pursuit of a smaller one.