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Our new friend coloringkaria has joined up with evanitaewm to

Our new friend coloringkaria has joined up with evanitaewm to


Our new friend @coloring.karia has joined up with @evanitaewm to brainstorm about

Login. Our new friend @coloring.karia has joined up with @evanitaewm to ...

Our Jumbo-Kromski-compatible testers chose a totally great color mixture! We're eager to get these on their way. Soon soon almost soon :-)

Adan Akerman on Instagram: “Aw, sweeeet! I've been excited about the new @fiberygoodness project that's been in the works, “tinyStudio.

Adan Akerman on Instagram: “Here's a beautiful bobbin-end repost for your rainbow Sunday enjoyment! #Repost @sarah_s_tee ・・・ Spinning rainbows.

this one from our customer-friend-hero @mrsflick01 is a good answer (one of many ...

I could post a picture of the new skeining counter mechanism that doesn't completely

Adan Akerman on Instagram: “Back to life, back to the prototypes! So good to be back in the shop, making progress on the new concept for the ...

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What possible caption could I add to do this photo, this spinning, justice?? Holly, your art is an inspiration. #Repost @heyhollyhohum ・・・ Wednesday WIP.

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It can be challenging to get a good photo of a Yarn Caddy whorl being printed

... on Instagram: “It's signup time, friends and teammates: Le Tour starts soon! Head over to our Akerworks group on Ravelry and reply to @evanitaewm's …”

I most definitely do not anticipate this thing getting used at that kind of rotation speed, in the final product at ...

Adan Akerman on Instagram: “Because, by golly, when @evanitaewm needs a 3yd version of the Niddy Noddy prototype you do some figuring and make that ...

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Adan Akerman on Instagram: “Roc Day at TVHS Guild! In the background you can see my great friend Penny making her presentation on the topic of sheep ...

Well, this is not a great video and I've got a lot of things still to improve on this prototype... but @evanitaewm says I should still post this update, ...

Day 28 / #100daysofspinning and fiber art : here is my small working place.

Pattern holding slots on our Butterfly Kates need a bit o' hand sanding to get

Adan Akerman on Instagram: “This adorable kitteh is named Bella, and it's clear that without her help, @coloring.karia .... well, would probably get a lot ...

These AkerKates-to-be still think they're a Walnut tree! Ryan

Day 27 / #100daysofspinning and fiber art : plying, plying, plying.. Children Of The ...

Adan Akerman on Instagram: “It's been too long since I reposted one of @ evanitaewm's beautiful shots. This one shows her Butterfly Kate helping her with a ...

Interested in learning to create your own yarn? Join us for Intro to Spinning with

There's a Berry Blue Bobbin in our dogwood tree! No particular reason 😂 This one's

Adan Akerman on Instagram: “This @voxdotcom article by @jayasax (article link in the Akerworks profile here) includes an excellent summary of some of the ...

The finished skein and the second half started on the spindle. This is my most

This might hold me over until I can finish saving up for a wheel, it's

This amazing finished work by @_sarah_tee is just jaw-dropping! I'm

You guys I won a hat!!!! JK, it's a supercool multi

Not my own colourway, but it's too pretty not to 'gram! Picked up

Adan Akerman on Instagram: “Here we have the final coat of finish drying on two Maple AkerKates, two Maple Butterfly Kates, and two Cherry Butterfly Kates.

Adan Akerman on Instagram: “Teachin' a friend to spin tomorrow! I've got her Medium Geranium starter kit together and a few feet of spun singles wrapped ...

Monday's are my self improvement day (I need a better title). It's the

I'm so glad @plymagazine permitted me to geek out a bit for their

I wasnt happy with my last ply, I felt

Progress The yellow was one of my first handspun yarn, The red one is my

I just can't get enough of these bobbin end shots - that's how to

I have my new #twistedstitches group to thank for my new purchase of a #

New cable plyed handspun, I really like how this green turned out, and it's

Adan Akerman on Instagram: “Yay for the youngest member of the Akerworks team! Last night he and his classmates “sang” some songs for the gathered…”

I promised to reveal my new project today. I spun one of the fractal spinning

Adan Akerman on Instagram: “Sometimes we work hard from dawn to dusk. But sometimes it's Friday, and the weather is gorgeous, and the trails at Sharps Ridge ...

Yarn crawl 2.0 The monkeys and I took off first thing this morning for our local

Results of yesterday's #shibori and #indigodyeing with @tierrafirmetx at @oilandcotton ! #

Aroyan “Adan” Artavazd 4361 followers

FO Alert! ... my self-striping sock yarn spun from

Adan Akerman

I just can't get enough of these bobbin end shots - that's how to appreciate your spinning efforts I tell ya! This accidentally …

Hey, spinner friends! Remember when I went to (virtual Instagram)

Joaquin Adan Adan 957 followers

yarnmagician. 💛 Kintsugi 💛 #battleoftherealms #battleoftherealmssal #battleofthere

Agun Ta So'Nlo 566k followers

Hope your new year is content as my kitty's. 💕

This is @akerworks upcoming new Schacht compatible high speed

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My 12 days spinalongs might take me 12 months 😂 but I'm

𝖆𝖉𝖆𝖓 🖤🐝 20.1k followers

A wee sample of corespun trying out an autowrap. #spinnersofinstagram

yarnmagician. Attention DFW-TX, makers, crafters and fiber folks! You'

yarnmagician. Recently finished this puffy soft art spin from a @frostyarn nebula ba

yarnmagician. Finished plying my #humbugspin15 from @the1764shepherdess ! It's my f

yarnmagician. 🍯💛 #battleoftherealmssal #battleoftherealms #bristleconeartisanheirl

Shout out to @handmadesaori for introducing me to these fabulous #saor

Had a blast with @the100thsheep on Friday dyeing 198 colors using thre


My #humbugspin15 singles are ready to ply! #spin15aday #spinnersofins


I was tagged by @porchpegasus for #spin15adayaboutme !

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This is a Made in Japan 1970's Westclox Travel Ben alarm clock dial that I'

Red Queen, on a merino/camel/baby alpaca/mulberry silk blend from

Finish this statement: A Turk, a Tibetan, a Russian, an Orenburg and. 2 77. Adan Akerman · @akerworks. Our new friend @coloring.karia has joined up ...

My newest skein! 80 grams ~180 yards. Fiber: blended merino top in

Making some new support spindle bowls in preparation for The Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.

Morning light again for this tiny but mighty skein of cotton! 💕 . #spinnersofinstagram

A scrumptious sampler of fiber with cotton punis, a shetland/alpaca blend mini batt

Supported spindles. #tibetanspindle #supportspindle #spinning #handspinning #handspun #spindle #

My introduction for #spin15adayaboutme . 1) Inspired by @steppeland.spinner, I

I love the soft patina of the @hansencraftsminispinner maple vs the fresh brand new maple

Sneak peak of kits coming to the store for Local Yarn Store Day! See you

That gorgeous fibre you saw earlier this week is now available in our online shop.

We have a few gradient braids left from our last fibre update 🌈 . . #

Storm's End on BFL, our June Calendar Colorway, is available for Pre-Order

Some projects are done better on a drop or turkish spindle. Or maybe it's just

I've been busy spinning lots of Nerd Girl Yarns fiber on my new Athena

I love my new blending board! And also, superfine merino is the

Beautiful, isn't he? #Yew always has lovely golden tones to warm

I know we talked very little about different bases taking to

Am I the only one who finishes a

Quick test spin to make a marled yarn sample using the light and dark greys in

Washed and did a little more dyeing the other day. Some #kidmohair and #

I was tagged by my spin sisters @madlycreativeme and @graceshalomhopkins for the 5 things

Thanks @the1764shepherdess for hosting the #spin15adayaboutme ! She started this recently as a way

Circular Guarantee on BFL. Threewatersfarm.com and Threewatersfarm.etsy.com ⠀⠀

Thank you, @melissa.rose.creations for tagging me in #spin15adayaboutme !

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