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Phare du Mont St Clair Hrault Light Houses Lighthouse House

Phare du Mont St Clair Hrault Light Houses Lighthouse House


Phare du Mont-Saint-Clair, Sète, Hérault

Méditerrannée - Phare du Mont Saint Clair, Sète (Hérault) - Feux : Feu blanc à 1 éclat 5 sec.

Phare du Mont St Clair, Hérault

Cap Leucate Light, Leucate, August 2015. Wikimedia Creative Commons photo by Jacques Le Letty

Mont-St.-Clair Light, Sète, July 2013. Wikimedia Creative Commons photo by Christian Ferrer

Pointe de l'Espiguette Light, Grau-du-Roi, July 2018. Google Plus photo by Rudolf Sedlaczek

Phare du Mont Saint-Clair de Sète, Languedoc, Roussillon, France

Located on the north side of the entrance to the harbor of Marseillan from the Étang de Thau. Site open, tower closed.

Méditerrannée - Phare du Mont Saint Clair, Sète (Hérault) - Feux : Feu blanc à 1 éclat 5 sec.

... Claude Bihain has a photo, Phareland.com has numerous photos, Wikimedia has a photo, Huelse has an uncluttered postcard view that shows the layout of ...

image-49087-The lighthouse of Mont Saint-Clair of Sète.jpg?

Le phare de Port-Maria

... Guyomard and Carceller have a photo (click three times on the right arrow), and Google has a satellite view. When it was built this lighthouse marked ...

... Valerie Nicolle has a photo of both Carnot-Plage lights, and Google has a satellite view and a distant street view of the two jetty lights.

image-49063-kabloes Lighthouse of the Mole St. Louis, Sete.jpg

Les 10 phares incontournables en France | Lighthouses | Faro, Campanario, Miradores

This light replaced a cast iron tourelle shown in Huelse's postcard view. Located at the end of the west jetty at Grau-du-Roi.

... the layout of the station clearly, and Google has a street view and a satellite view. Located on the Chemin du Phare on the north side of Leucate-Plage.

image-49101-kabloes lighthouse_of_Mont_Saint-Loup.jpg?1450096793101

octagonal brick lighthouse Hohe Weg is the oldest fixed beacon and one of the most important navigation aids around a dangerous shallow area called the Hohe ...

Frankrijk, Phare La Lande

France Sete (Herault) Le phare du Mont Saint-Clair

The Fangyuan Lighthouse (芳苑燈塔) is located at Wanggong port, in Fangyuan Township, west coast of Taiwan (23°58′16.1″N 120°19′27.0″E). The 37 m (121 ft.

image-49184-kabloes Lighthouse St. Pierre la Mer.jpg?1450179579500

This lighthouse stands on a short jetty projecting into the Étang de Thau.

Cap Cerbère

Faro di Colle Cappuccini is a lighthouse in Ancona on the Adriatic Sea. Italy. The current lighthouse was built in 1971, it is a square base tower in ...

The lighthouse of Port-la-Nouvelle was destroyed during World War II. After his retirement by the Armistice Commission in 1942, its lens is removed in ...

Phare du Mont-Saint-Clair, Sète, Hérault 06.jpg Mount Saint-Clair Lighthouse ,

The Castle of San Sebastián is a fortress built in the early 17th century on an island in Cádiz, Spain. The island had earlier been the location of a ...

Belgium Blankenberghe - La Phare de l'Estacade Light House old postcard

image-48724-kabloes The Old Lighthouse _Grau du Roi.jpg?1450016838864

... has many photos of this lighthouse, Marinas.com has aerial photos, Wikipedia has a French article on the lighthouse, and Google has a satellite view and ...

Phare de Sète | LIGHTHOUSES 2 | Lighthouse, Lighthouse pictures, Lighthouse lighting

The Ouistreham Lighthouse is a 38 m (125 ft) round granite tower inaugurated on September 3, 1905 and is located on the Quai Georges Thierry in Ouistreham, ...

Vintage Old Postcard QUEBEC CANADA Lighthouse Gaspe Nord Phare de Cap Des Rosier

The lighthouse of Mont Saint-Clair of Sète was built in 1903. Wearing a beautiful lantern, the octagonal tower is 23 m high and rises to 97 m above the sea ...

Phare de Sète | LIGHTHOUSES 2 | Lighthouse, Lighthouse pictures, Lighthouse lighting

Point Judith Lighthouse is located on the west side of the entrance to Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island as well as the eastern entrance to Block Island Sound ...


image-49192-kabloes The lighthouse of Cap Leucate.jpg?1450182458366

Lighthouse: France : Le Phare du Creac'h : Ile d'Ouessant :

Fisterra or Finisterre is one of Spain's most famous lighthouses, standing at the end of a narrow, south-pointing promontory with a spectacular view of the ...

The Espiguette lighthouse is a square tower 27 meters high(89 ft); located in the department of Gard in the Languedoc-Roussillon.

[FR140], Agde Jetée de l

C.I. Jersey, Corbiere Lighthouse, Phare

#Lighthouse - Méditerranée - Phare Saint-Louis Sète, au centre du musoir du

The lighthouse of Cap Leucate

6 m (20 ft) round tower rising from a triangular 1-story equipment shelter. Lighthouse painted white with red trim.

France Soir d'ete sur la Pointe du Raz Phare, Lighthouse Panorama

Phare de la Vieille – The Old Lady, opened 1882 [La Vieille is a lighthouse in the département of Finistère at the commune of Plogoff, on the northwest ...


Leuchturm Helgoland Düne.jpg Leuchturm Helgoland Düne

The Onglous's lighthouse,This light is located on the town of Marseillan on the edge of the Thau lagoon announcing the entrance of the Canal du Midi.

Slettnes Lighthouse is located on the Barents Sea, at the Nordkyn peninsula, near the fishing village of Gamvik, Norway (71.05.03N 28.13.10E).

... Wikimedia has a photo showing both Agde lighthouses, and Google has a satellite view and a distant street view. This lighthouse replaced a cast iron ...

France Le Grau d'Agde Phare, Lighthouse Beach Plage Panorama

Yaquina Head Lighthouse North of Newport, Oregon Voyage Usa, Central Oregon, Oregon Usa

La Désirade

The Penghu Islands are an archipelago off the western coast of Taiwan in the Taiwan Strait consisting of 90 small islands and islets covering an area of 141 ...

Sete France photos, royalty-free images, graphics, vectors & videos | Adobe Stock

France La Tranche sur Mer, Plage Beach Surfer Lighthouse Phare

Phare de Gustavia, île de Saint-Barthélemy (Antilles françaises) Ile De Saint

This modern design is by the architectural firm of Cardin, Diatkine et Frémolle of Montpellier. Located on the dunes behind the ...

Located at the end of the Quai de la Daurade, marking the west side of the entrance to the canal from the ...

Pointe-au-Père, Quebec

Reviewed By Trainbleu - Brussels


The light was built by the German architect Herman Schutte and first lit on Monday evening, 12 April 1824. The lantern house was increased in height in 1865 ...

ZEEBRUGGE HARBOUR - Belgium - Lighthouse / Le Phare - World War One Postcard

Étang de Thau

A photo of a lighthouse in the middle of the sea

image-48120-kabloes The lighthouse Cap Cerbère info.jpg?1449865832675

Feu de Port-le-Nouvelle

Cap Cépet (1992)

Lariño - Faro de Punta Insua -BT- 01.jpg Lariño - Faro de Punta Insua -BT- 01

Lighthouse of Goulphar Ref.: A-3136

The lighthouses of the beautiful and dangerous wilderness coast of Washington are some of the greatest engineering stories of the late 1800's.

Light of Port Navalo

ancien phare, lighthouse de port vendres Spain Valises, Tourelle, Phares De France,

Occitan Art Print Poster - Grande Motte Beachside Resort, Herault

England Cornwall, Land's End, Longships Lighthouse, Rough Sea, Phare, Postcard

Phare Saint Louis

Feu de Port-Vendres


Villa Dili Dali, Menorca

It stands at the end of a narrow peninsula with spectacular views of the Indian Ocean to the north and the Southern Ocean to the south.

image-49102-kabloes lighthouse_of_Mont_Saint-Loup_pleat.jpg?1450096862772. The lighthouse of Mont Saint-Loup ...

Phare de Cordouan

Light of la Madonetta

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Lighthouse Pretty In Pink, Pink Sunset, Sunset Sea, Pink Sky, Pink Beach

The original lighthouse was a 9 m (30 ft) masonry tower much higher on the slope of the ridge.

Spain Calella de Mar, Playa Beach Lighthouse Plage Phare

Three lighthouses face the German mainland: the tallest Flügge Light (54°26.456'N/11°01.060'E) lies at the southwestern tip of the island; ...

Petřín tower 05 2018.jpg Petřín tower 05 2018

Cap d'Agde (Mont St. Loup) latitude 43° 17' 54.2" N longitude 3° 30' 10.8" E

Le Manoir Nord, France

La tour de la Parata avec les Sanguinaires en arrière-plan Corse Ile Corse,

Falaise des Fonds