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Rumicucho Ancient Ruins on the Equator Not Your Average American

Rumicucho Ancient Ruins on the Equator Not Your Average American


Rumicucho, Ancient Ruins on the Equator

ancient terraces, Rumicucho

ancient wall, Rumicucho

ancient wall, Rumicucho

Walls of Rumicucho, San Antonio de Pichincha, Ecuador

Rumicucho, San Antonio, Ecuador

The Caranquis are known to have built using a type of volcanic stone called toba or tuff and an adobe made from volcanic rubble and ash, called canguahua.

A Hidden Corner of Cotopaxi National Park

Ancient ruins - Pucara de Rumicucho

Rumipamba: An Outdoor Archeology Park in Quito

Cañar Province, Ecuador

Three Little Known, But Cool, Archeology Sites Near San Agustin, Colombia

Ancient Pyramids of Cochasquí

Pure Cane Sugar in Pacto

The Spiral Petroglyphs of Guizhaguiña, Ecuador

Our First Look At Ancient Stone Statues in Isnos, Colombia

What To Expect On The Road To Laguna Mica

South American Wildlife Photographer: Humberto Castillo J.

The Best Shots from Quito

Sleeps 12 · 5 Bedrooms · 4 Bathrooms

The Antisanilla Reserve: Condors & More

A Spanish-Colonial Church in Sicalpa Viejo, Ecuador


Ride Like A Cowboy in Cotopaxi National Park

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A Forest of Statues in San Agustin, Colombia

A Great Outdoor Archeology Museum in San Agustin, Colombia

Petroglyphs along the Rio Chirapi, Pacto

The Rarely Visited Weilbauer Museum in Quito, Ecuador

the trip worth it. The nearby Incan ruins of Runicucho, a 15th century fortress, may not impress. But the views over the valley are lovely, and it's only $1 ...

Hiking to the Refugio at Cotopaxi National Park

Ancient Culture at Agua Blanca

On the bright side, it's one of the easiest places to try a local delicacy, Guinea Pig. There are plenty of restaurants aggressively vying for your ...


Las Cavernas y Cascadas Yanayacu

Summits of Ecuador

Casa L'Amore Pululahua B&B

What to Expect at Cascada Condor Machay

Pukara - Part of the complex Pukará de Quitor as seen from the inside

Trapiche, Pacto, Ecuador

The Faces of Inti Raymi

Mango Salsa

Beautiful Cordero Suite w / balcony

... reserve is home to the very rare frailejon plant which is something you will remember long after this tour is over. The road will take us to a height ...

Alto de los Idolos in Southern Colombia

The next stop will be at the Quilotoa Crater Lake at an elevation of 11,500 feet. This volcanic caldera was formed by a volcanic eruption about 800 years ...

Cayambe (volcano) - Cayambe Volcano 2017

Jewels of the Andes | Exploring the Andes

General Rumiñahui

Quito Canton - Independence Square Historic Center

The Andean Condor in Ecuador

Active Ecuador Adventure

Lots of Rocks, In a Hard Place: San Agustin, Colombia

Highlights of Ecuador & Peru

The altitude here is just under 7,000 feet and as such the climate is warm with only the slightest hint of an early morning chill.

On our way to the Hacienda Releche the luggage will be carried by mules. We will have a lunch break in between and in the afternoon we will return to Quito.

Pomasqui Valley - Cerro de Catequilla, looming above the valley

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Ecuador is All You Need - No. 01 - June 2014

Tools For Making Panela, Pacto, Ecuador

Pre-Columbian lithic disk

The Panela Makers, Pacto Ecuador

Today we hike to the Laguna Negra and cross the pass at an altitude of about 4.000m. The lagoon is situated at the foothills of the enormous ...


Andes to Amazon

(PDF) More that Forts: A Study of High Elevation Enclosures in the Pambamarca Fortress Complex, Ecuador | Amber Anderson (Kling) - Academia.edu

Sleeps 4 · 2 Bedrooms · 2 Bathrooms

Buenos Días, Pacto!

ones i've been on in a while. The road itself clings haphazardly to the hillside all the while peering out onto the towering hills and plunging valleys.

El Corazon is on the western slopes of the Andes and we will descend to about 3,000 feet in altitude. We'll feel the tropical warmth for sure and we'll ...

The group loops around Hacienda El Tambo Quilindaña going to Chirimachay's base camp through the paramos of Cotopaxi's . The scenery of this area is unique ...

Here, I am posing for a shot in the ruins of an old hacienda that was run by the order of the Dominicans friars. The place was built in 1825.