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Saw this fella right when we entered the bison range bison

Saw this fella right when we entered the bison range bison


Saw this fella right when we entered the bison range #bison #clearlake #ridingmountainnationalpark

This cute little thing probably already weighs 200 pounds.

Oregon man denies harassing Yellowstone bison as seen in viral video | Outdoors | mtstandard.com

You'd be surprised how fast I can run! Male bison ...

American Bison

A bison at the National Bison Range.

Frost covered Bison.

One of the first things we saw as we re-entered the valley was a heard of bison. What a classic scene! I half expected Indians on horseback to come charging ...


Bison standing facing me Canon 200mm f2 lens Yellowstone National Park WY Sparky Stensaas-0521

Bob Barnaky on Instagram: “This is one Huge Bison at the National Bison Range Montana! There are a couple of hikes in the 30 square mile ...

Bison? what's the difference? As far as I can tell, those with bearded wisdom live here.

Bison head on snowy woods Canon 200mm f2 lens Yellowstone National Park WY Sparky Stensaas-

Several bison roam the grounds of the State Game Lodge. We saw several small ...

Bison calf

Half way through the first day we came upon Middle Ranch, one of the few ranches in operation on the island. As we entered the ranch we saw a group of Bison ...

In a small part of land, in San Angelo Texas, some of these big guys live there. First time i ever saw a live Buffalo.

Part of the large herd of bison we saw

Another bison day, different group, and pretty much all the snow we had a couple of days ago had all but disappeared. However, Marek (our guide) located a ...

Bison snowy sagebrush Canon 200mm f2 lens Yellowstone National Park WY Sparky Stensaas-0045

Know Your #Bison #americanbison #europeanbison #knowyouranimals #peppermintnarwhal

When I first photographed Bison I noticed how their

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A loud voice from an unknown source yelled "Don't stop!!! Keep Going!!!" None of us saw were her voice came from, but we all heard it.

Death is temporary, dolyaks are forever.

Bison snowy head on Canon 200mm f2 lens Yellowstone National Park WY Sparky Stensaas-0075

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This herd of bison was filled with new calves bouncing about as they marched toward the setting sun. Unlike artists with a brush and palette, ...

Herds of wild bison were last seen in Ohio more than 200 years ago. Bison are well insulated for the winter cold as their hide is very dense and the fur ...

Looking back at the two bison herds on Big Plateau.

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Warm-up to Snowy Adventures

We made it!


I didn't know if Ruth was the chief bison or the owner, so I put my Vale of Behaviour in place and entered the classy cowshed.

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Unlike the European domesticated cow that places its rump toward approaching cold and faces away, the bison turns its head to face and stand firmly against ...

We left the loop to make our way to Astotin Lake but found a 'bear jam' on the way. It wasn't really bears – but that is a common term for wild ...

It's easy to feel frustrated by hordes of tourists in "your" national park and a lot harder to have empathy for how much they're getting out of the ...

A bison sleeps at the entrance of the North Unit of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

hidden dangers for summer fly fishers

Note the logo of the bison, one of the park's most valuable natural resources.

A map of my situation on Big Plateau.

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And here a pic from during the game:


I saw this handsome fella basking in the sunset at Theodore Roosevelt National Park. I think he wanted me to take his picture.

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bison cown and calf

The usual sights continued to impress us: Mammoth Hot Springs, the Mud Volcano, even Old Faithful. More than bison, we saw a playful black bear, ...

Although we gave this bison a wide berth he seemed uninterested in us as he was evidently in love with the trail marker post?

Stories like this crimson breasted beauty longing to see the outdoors again. The Guam Kingfisher calls the World of Birds at the Bronx Zoo home but there ...

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Often we are given the great honor of visiting our friend Harold's gorgeous herd of semi-wild buffalo. They are spectacular beasts and we enjoy making their ...

Bison traffic jam in Yellowstone National Park


There was two bison across the beaver pond. They looked like rocks or boulders – but I knew they were the bison I was looking. ...

... no discernible landmarks to show where we are except the sign from the highway, which states proudly we are entering Bend, Oregon. Bison BC is playing ...

Bos gaurus aka the Indian Bison or the Indian Gaur, known to be incredibly aggressive in Southern India, but incredibly shy in places where human ...

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The Path Back

Bison Jacks - CLOSED - 25 Reviews - American (New) - 8310 Greenway Blvd, Middleton, WI - Restaurant Reviews - Phone Number - Yelp

Neighbors Magazine, January 2019

Big Cedar Losge - Dogwood Canyon


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bison and person

Driving to the Ninepipe National Wildlife Refuge, we took a must-stop in Moiese at the National Bison Range.

... completely surrounded the bison. We left, but later heard that when the animal arose and discovered he had no escape route, he plunged into the crowd ...

We snuck up on these folks shortly after entering the park.

About two miles from the campground I arrived at the trail head. I went through my ritual of putting on sunscreen and sun protection.

... to bring along his pet bison though. Just hope those big fellas don't wander down into the yard section we'll be mowing later, if you know what I mean.

[ IMG]

The bison are loving that green grass also!

The @nationalparkservice works hard to protect Yellowstone and we need your help! The best way to start is by taking the Yellowstone Pledge.

What do you need on your bison burger? Cheese. A few miles down the road and there we were at the Long Clawson Dairy, the home of specialty Stilton.

This was a big guy!

Medieval Festival Map

We saw chucks*, sheep, crows (crows with the craziest calls), gulls, terns… the list goes on.

Bison lined the road for hundreds of miles starting around Dawson Creek. These beautiful and impressive creatures made for a sizable speed bump as they ...

Bonus: we saw a coyote and a bison real close up. Apparently, bison have poor eye sight so when we approached one pretty big fella right beside our wagon ...


Majestic and strong American bison in Yellowstone. Seeing this gorgeous creature in the wild is

Wild is beautiful. Wild is wild. . Say hello to the most dangerous animal

I think a Bank is opening up! We finally got around to fixing some much requested quality of life issues, thanks for your patience!

Bull Elk

Yellowstone Bison

What a handsome fella. There were so many on Bison Loop! Hundreds! Kudos to the visitor center for telling us to take that route out!

I'm not crazy about them, although have been told they're quite nutritious. But now, I about better go get after some yard work.

I had forgotten how big these animals are! To be on the safe side, we chose a lunch spot a safe distance away. After lunch we saw one very young yak, ...

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