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SelfPortrait by TheDitzyBluebelldeviantartcom on deviantART This

SelfPortrait by TheDitzyBluebelldeviantartcom on deviantART This


Self-Portrait by TheDitzyBluebell.deviantart.com on @deviantART This painting was executed by A2 Truro College student 'Ditzy Bluebell' (Ms Uglow), ...

Self Portrait Sketch by SILENTJUSTICE ...

TheDitzyBluebell 7 2 Butterflies by TheDitzyBluebell

Self-Portrait by TheDitzyBluebell.deviantart.com on @deviantART This painting was executed by A2 Truro College student 'Ditzy Bluebell' (…

Anna by TheDitzyBluebell

I think you know a lost cause when you see one.

TheDitzyBluebell 11 7 Sherlock - A Study in Graphite by TheDitzyBluebell

TheDitzyBluebell 4 0 Evie and Benjamin by TheDitzyBluebell

konngo 20 4 Portrait study 3 hours by Slamdanc3r

TheDitzyBluebell 3 0 Snow-White and Rose-Red (Part 3/3) by TheDitzyBluebell

Ms Vingos AS exam piece - self portrait using acrylic paint - she has gone onto study on an Art foundation course.

Lillemut 8 3 After REMBRANDT Self Portrait by aelivs

TheDitzyBluebell 10 11 Life Drawing - Seated Pose by TheDitzyBluebell

TheDitzyBluebell 1 0 Snow-White and Rose-Red (Part 2/3) by TheDitzyBluebell

0xconfig 29 6 Rebecka 3 hour portrait by Slamdanc3r

TheDitzyBluebell 24 32 Commission portrait for Alina by LeonSofi

Pencil portrait a5 #detailed drawing from #photo #children pet family custom gift,

TheDitzyBluebell 6 7 RBA Exhibition by TheDitzyBluebell

TheDitzyBluebell 16 3 Mr Renshaw by TheDitzyBluebell

ManuelAdrianzen 26 13 An Ocean of Love by Tahnja

byMichaelX 220 58 Bruce Willis and Monica Bellucci by byMichaelX

Frida Kahlo - Self-Portrait, 1930

Newest Deviations

Enjolras by SallyGipsyPunk Enjolras by SallyGipsyPunk

Just kill yourself, it's a lot less effort ... by Diarmaida ...

TheDitzyBluebell 3 0 Evie, Benjamin, Eli and Isaac by TheDitzyBluebell


MissTransmission 4 0 In The Autumn of (these) Years by MissTransmission

Albert Campion by filmshirley ...

The Twelfth by AlessiaPelonzi ...

Diollan 5 1 Autumn Mood by LeonSofi

David Bowie

Yong Jun Hyung by sasha-pak ...

A Study in Watercolor - John Watson by Gohush ...

DominikScherrer 20 10 Destiny's Child Ink Speedpaint by Sinije

CourtneyCulver 23 8 North Star by mmc-eo

Hannavos 24 2 What did the Fox say? by Adriaz

alartstudio 6 1 Emergence by Kevinrichardfineart

Moriarty by Sampl3dBeans

nellbelle 19 6 george by amyavalanche

Sampl3dBeans 16 2 Khan by Sampl3dBeans

Black cat by EKukanova ...

XxMondayMorningxX 97 14 PORTRAIT SKETCH by JALpix

barbaramj 35 10 Kevin Bacon by VilenH

MissTransmission 17 4 Edward Scissorhands by MissTransmission

BeatrizLoveMyJesus 101 39 Miley Cyrus - Drawing by BeatrizLoveMyJesus

TheDitzyBluebell 5 3 Snow-White and Rose-red (Part 1/3) by TheDitzyBluebell

My friend drawn as Hermione on a book .

TKArlington 3 0 Trina by vicharris

Iceminth 30 8 Andy LaPlegua by LaraYokoshima

THORNFEST launches with an exhibition of art from young people across the North East, accompanied but an evening of live music and poetry performances.

Slamdanc3r 43 10 Grisaille Layer of 'Thirst' by jslattum

The Phantom of the Opera by SallyGipsyPunk ...

MissTransmission 0 0 Commission: Stalled at the Prince Charles Cinema by MissTransmission

jslattum 9 3 Grisaille portrait (3) by LeonSofi

Leslie Knope is My Spirit Animal Enamel Pin Leslie Knope, My Spirit Animal, Parks

VicRrt 9 2 Last Goodbye by arklein20

Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock by filmshirley ...

Camparbio 35 19 The Notorious B.I.G. by DominikScherrer

Manfred Juergens / egg Tempera Painter

furinchime 12 1 Flemeth by ReMemoir

TheDitzyBluebell's Profile Picture

Slamdanc3r 9 10 Hesperide in progress by Amytea

... [FA] YingYong by Anachronism-EiN

Martin Freeman - Fargo by cecilepellerinfrance ...

James, 2016 - A3 Acrylic Portrait by Beth Uglow A3, Panama Hat, My

sharpiemaster 3 0 Lindsey by PMucks

TheDitzyBluebell 0 0 Rufus by TheDitzyBluebell

LeonSofi 15 7 spam_003 by Iceminth

Kathleen by caldwellart Kathleen by caldwellart

Related image Oil Portrait, Painting People, Miguel Salazar, Renaissance Art, Art Oil

Sampl3dBeans 9 2 Lana Del Rey by Sampl3dBeans

Butterfly portrait, digital print, modern art, fantasy portrait, fine art, photomontage

Kayxer 49 5 Medieval Quilt-Style Miniature by Merwenna

"It's Written All Over Her Face" Art made using nothing but a 1950s typewriter

Sandancer 1 0 Lorde (supposedly). by Sandancer

Sandancer 0 0 Kate Bush by Sandancer

Portrait of Sebastian Roche

Sampl3dBeans 7 0 Yeezy by Sampl3dBeans

Self Portrait Art, Portrait Acrylic, Portrait Paintings, Portrait Ideas, Figure Painting,

ReMemoir 6 0 Traditional WiP 3-28-15 by zombie-phoenix

James by Beth Uglow - TheDitzyBluebell.deviantart.com. A3. Reductive oil painting


SELECTED ARTWORKS - Hosting Provider #hostingprovider #hostingservices - SELECTED ARTWORKS Acrylic Portrait Painting,

Sandancer 2 0 Tiny Self-Portrait by Sandancer

Head Study- does anyone know the name of the artist?

VilenH 21 14 Ren McCormack by VilenH

Ava by Beth Uglow - TheDitzyBluebell.deviantart.com A5, pencil portrait commission

Child of Woe by DeLumine Child of Woe by DeLumine

Commander Jane Shepard by FonteArt.deviantart.com on @deviantART Mass Effect Characters,

jslattum 27 9 Grisaille by ManuelAdrianzen

Character sci fi 2 by Grosnez.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt Design Spartan,

Gilran 11 0 The beanstalk named desire by Aryoshka

DanLuVisiArt 63,990 5,184 Portrait Acrylique by DansedesSonges

William John Wainwright, The Old Pilot (watercolour on paper), Penlee House Gallery

My watercolour drawing of Derek Hale from the TV show Teen Wolf

madheadcrash 6 4 Teen Angst Bullshit. by xsheroinex

curated contemporary art /// sarah ball

portrait by Kai Samuels-Davis painting