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Starfall at Dusk starfallatdusk on t

Starfall at Dusk starfallatdusk on t


Wagashi stud earrings

Peppermint Swirl Stud Earrings

Sugar Skull Stud Earrings



Concha Earrings, Pan Dulce, Pastry Gift


Food Jewelry Apple Earrings, Miniature Food Earrings, Red Apple Earrings, Fruit Earrings, Botanical Jewelry

Miniature pumpkin spice latte! Getting ready for Resin Rose BJD Expo. Thanks to @

Unicorn Poo Adjustable Ring - Polymer Clay Unicorn Jewelry

Starfall at Dusk

Miniature tea and soda in the making! Those tea bags took SO LONG to make

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Flower Stud Earring

Those shells from before became geoduck ornaments! I think they turned out great!

Find Starfall at Dusk GeekCraft Expo on November 24th-25th. Hangar 30 at Magnuson Park in Seattle, WA. I will have food jewelry and miniatures.

Geoduck Clam Earrings

Geoduck Clam Necklace


... and the paper boat bowls are made from paper. I had to design them myself and it took a whole day! Available at my website www.starfallatdusk .com

Cheeseburger Earrings Miniature Food Charm

#Repost @starfallatdusk ・・・ Find Starfall at Dusk GeekCraft Expo on November 24th

Smores, Smores Gift, Foodie Hostess Gift, Unique Foodie Gifts, Jewelry for Foodie, Marshmallows, Gift for Her, Girl Scout Mom, Campfire

Miniature Koi Fish by StarfallAtDusk ...

Polymer Clay Bread Before and After by StarfallAtDusk ...

Cilophyte Cecaelia Octopus Mermaid Necklace by StarfallAtDusk ...

Caramel Apples - Polymer Clay by StarfallAtDusk ...

Martini Necklace

3D illustration of Landscape with mountains and beach sunset time.Light starfall at Evening.

I love Starfall! Can't wait to read this book. Starflight is my favorite Landers book to date!

Starfall at Dusk's best boards

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New Rainbow Cakes! by StarfallAtDusk ...

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Tiny Teacup Alice Necklace by StarfallAtDusk ...

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Chicken Beads Polymer Clay by StarfallAtDusk ...

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MSD Miniature Beer with Foam in Mug, 1:4 Scale Ball Jointed Doll, Beer stein, Mug of beer, Mug of Ale, Mug of Mead, Minifee Accessory

Taco Earrings Food Earrings Miniature Food Jewelry by StarfallsAtDusk on Etsy Fish Hook Earrings, Miniature


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codyxsupremacy 5 4 Tiny Ginger Kitty - polymer clay miniature by StarfallAtDusk

Sakura Mochi Japanese Miniature Food Cherry by Starfall At Dusk, $13.95

Miniature Takoyaki by StarfallAtDusk

Miniature Black Forest Cake

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(Starfall at Dusk booth, ECCC). #MiraiSuenaga #SmartDoll #BJD #pizza # StarfallAtDusk #pepperonipizza #KimPossible #ECCC #cosplay

Enjoying Hanami Dango by StarfallAtDusk

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A little bit late, but I hope everyone had a merry Christmas! 🎅🤶

It's just a clam! The gift you didn't know you needed, geoduck

StarfallAtDusk 2 0 Miniature Mont Blanc by StarfallAtDusk

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NezumiYuki 71 87 Girl Scout Cookie Pins by StarfallAtDusk

There are worse ways to get to @geekcraftexpo than on the ferry. #sunrise

Cosmic orange star candy necklace

Starfall at Dusk

StarfallAtDusk 3 0 Miniature Onigiri Earrings by StarfallAtDusk

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HorrorParadis 1 0 WIP Miniature Bowl of Berry Ice Cream Ring by StarfallAtDusk

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Unicorn I'm An Adult

Run Like A Girl


Images by _8bitblonde

Kawaii Unicorn Don't Stop Believin'

Maarui 51 3 Pink Heart Cookie Prep Board - 1/12 Miniature by StarfallAtDusk

Macaron Stud earrings


Check my story I'll try to post items here as well as cross posting

Lmao I'm going through a phase of drawing derpy eyes and I love it

Cute earrings to wear to your local Farmer's Market! Also great for gardening friends.

ThePetiteShop 39 5 Lavender Turquoise Mermaid Ornament Polymer Clay by StarfallAtDusk

James Dymond - Sunset Bench (Original Mix)

When you dont know which eye to look at.. #dogs #dogsofinstagram #

All set up at @geekcraftexpo Seattle! Stop by for awesome food jewelry and miniatures

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Sydney's shivering through a cold freeze right now but that doesn't stop me from

Wow No One Cares



¿ESTÁS ENOJADO CHICA? maybe my big brother works late so he doesn't

A cute gingerbread cookie charm necklace with sparkling frosting on its head. #gingerbreadman #

STARFALL went through extensive renovation in 2016 to provide rustic modern cabin feel with conte.

Starfall on a starry sky. Fascinating spectacle. Night sky behind the crown of a

The map is out for #geekcraftexposeattle at the Hanger at Magnuson Park, Seattle,

See No Evil - Hear No Evil - Speak No Evil - 3 Wise Monkeys T

Bee on Honeycomb Necklace by StarfallAtDusk

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