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The Ultra Orthodox vs The IDF Israels Other Religious War SHE

The Ultra Orthodox vs The IDF Israels Other Religious War SHE


Drafting ultra-Orthodox Jews Into the Israeli Army Is Dangerous

A Religious Jewish soldier is embraced by an ultra orthodox Jewish family member after attending a

Ultra-Orthodox Jews set to join the Israeli army

Ultra-Orthodox Jews protest in Jerusalem against the arrest of an ultra- Orthodox young

Illustrative: Male and female IDF soldiers. (Serge Attal/ Flash90)

CARACAL BATTALION soldiers march in the Negev in 2014.

Police spray water to try and disperse a protest by ultra-Orthodox Jews against the

A group of Israeli soldiers pose at a scenic lookout spot in Jerusalem. (Handout Photo/Handout photo by IDF)

A swearing in ceremony for Haredi soldiers in Jerusalem in May 2012. (photo credit

Ultra-orthodox in the IDF: A Nahal Haredi swearing-in ceremony. (photo credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM/THE JERUSALEM POST)

At least 58 arrested in ultra-Orthodox protests against Israeli military draft (VIDEOS)

A protest against compulsory conscription of the ultra-orthodox in Jerusalem, March 2018

... ultra-Orthodox men in the Israel Defense Forces and create a more equal share of the burden of military service in Israel, Dr. Haim Zicherman surveys ...

A Religious War in Israel's Army

Source: IDF Spokespersons unit.

Moshe Lifshitz, a haredi (ultra-Orthodox) Israeli, wears tefillin while praying in the Israeli army. Lifshitz broke with his community's tradition when he ...

An ultra-Orthodox Jewish volunteer to the IDF's Nahal Haredi brigade undergoes survival training at

A conference in support of ultra-orthodox Jews in the army, 2013

idf soldiers pray

An ultra-Orthodox demonstration against the arrest of an IDF draft-dodger in Jerusalem

File - In this Oct. 19, 2017 file photo, Israeli police scuffle with The Associated Press

Illustrative: Soldiers in the IDF's ultra-Orthodox 'Netzah Yehuda' unit at the

The ultra-Orthodox Are Changing the Face of the IDF

Gideon Markowicz

I'm an American Jew. Here's what happened when I joined the Israeli military .

Haredi Judaism

40 Ultra-Orthodox Jews Arrested In Protest Over Israeli Conscription Laws

Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers are seen during warfare training in Israel's northern El

Israeli rabbi who advocated rape of 'comely gentile women' during war becomes chief army rabbi

'The sky didn't fall': Enlisting in the IDF is no longer a scourge in ultra- Orthodox society - Israel News - Haaretz.com

Ultra-Orthodox Jews are resisting new laws which force them to join the army

Ultra-Orthodox Jews Are Refusing to Join the Israeli Army

by the Forward

A file photograph of former IDF soldier Rebecca, who was falsely accused by pro-

Women's Service in the IDF: Between a 'People's Army' and Gender Equality

IDF recruits during the initial stages of the recruitment process in 2006. After the recruits finish the recruitment process, they begin their basic ...

An Israeli soldier speaks to Haredi ...

From Islam to Ultra-Orthodox Judaism

Haim Dickman in March 2018

Israeli Defence Force struggles to promote women's equality in the face of religious opposition

IDF Gradually Incorporating Religious Female Soldiers

Israel looks to ultraorthodox to fill tech skills shortage

Female Service in the IDF: The Challenge of an 'Integrated' Army

HAREDIM WALK in Jerusalem in front of a 'Men Only' sign – the role of religion in public life will likely increase due to demographic trends and the high ...

Israel's Former Defence Minister and head of the Yisrael Beiteinu party, Avigdor Lieberman, appears

'Don't drag Israel into civil war': Ultra-Orthodox party urges. '

Court Forces Israel to Face Its Ultra-Orthodox Problem

Israeli police officers spray colored water towards ultra Orthodox Jewish men during a protest against their

Battle over Israeli military service exemptions threatens Netanyahu

An Israeli girl looks through the sight of a weapon during a display of Israeli Defense Forces equipment and abilities at the West Bank settlement of Kiryat ...

An Israeli soldier of the Ultra-Orthodox brigade takes part in a swearing-in

Palestinians clash with Israeli troops during in the West Bank city of Hebron, February 9

An ultra-Orthodox protest in Bnei Brak against the drafting of Haredim into the Israeli

Benny Gantz Led Israel's Army. Now He Eyes a Long Siege of Netanyahu.Benny Gantz Led Israel's Army. Now He Eyes a Long Siege of Netanyahu.

Ultra-Orthodox Woman Finds Home in Israeli Labor Party

Don't Draft the Ultra-Orthodox

A lot of Israel's Jewish population pretty much resents the ultra-Orthodox community. In their eyes, the Haredim are unwilling to contribute to society, ...

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, left, waves with his wife, Sara, after voting during Israel's parliamentary elections in Jerusalem on April 9, ...

An ultra-Orthodox Jew gestures during a protest in the Mea Shearim neighborhood of Jerusalem

Kamal Zidan and his grandmother pose for a photo before he presented himself at the Israeli

Israel passes law to conscript ultra-Orthodox Jews into military

Benjamin Netanyahu of Likud and Aryeh Deri of Shas (David Cohen 156 via Shutterstock)

An Israeli soldier ...

Shas chairman Aryeh Deri (L) and UTJ MK Moshe Gafni in a meeting on the Haredi IDF draft, September 13, 2017.

Inspiring Close-up on Ethiopian Israeli Recruit to IDF Paratroopers - 'Beneath the Helmet'

'There is nothing like walking around the city wearing a skirt with

The state of Israel arrested an ultra-Orthodox man of the Haredim community for refusing a mandate to enlist in the Israeli-Defense Forces (IDF).

There are no publicly available statistics, but it is believed only 10 women have refused

Ultra-Orthodox & Anti-Zionist. Groups like Neturei Karta and the ...

Ultra-Orthodox Jews protest outside the army draft office in Jerusalem on December 13,

Header. Ultra-Orthodox Jews holding a ...

For Haredi Jews secular Zionism remains a religious heresy

... former chief chaplain of the New York Army National Guard, with his grandson, Joe Brickman of Brooklyn, N.Y., who received his red beret from the haredi ...

IDF's only ultra-Orthodox battalion sworn in

Police arrest an ultra-Orthodox ...

Informal service: In the Israeli military, gays serve openly, women can let their hair down and everyone is on a first-name basis

May 2016

Rabbis and their followers in Bnei Brak, Israel, on Jan. 9, 2012. 2. MORE. The ultra-Orthodox ...

Why American 'Lone Soldiers' Are Still Eager To Join Israel's Army

Orde Wingate, shown in 1940, has been called the father of the Israel Defense Forces. (Bettmann/Getty Images)

Ultra Orthodox Jews Block Jerusalem Road in Protest of Military Draft

Israeli minister of Defense Avigdor Liberman speaks during a visit at Midreshet Lindenbaum for Women in

American Orthodox Jews show their disapproval of Israeli policies by protesting against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin

The controversial rabbi's appointment to the highest religious role in the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF

Rabbi Shlomo Goren

An ultra-Orthodox man prays at the entrance to the Temple Mount in the Old

the silhouettes of members of the ultra orthodox community in Jerusalem

Haredi enlistment figures (Photo: Ynet)