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Undermining Islamic Values by demanding Gender Equality in Mosque

Undermining Islamic Values by demanding Gender Equality in Mosque


Undermining Islamic Values by demanding Gender Equality in Mosque Management? | AssimAlHakeem

Islamic Studies

A man prays during the Muslim festival ...

Betul Ulusoy (center back) leads an educational tour of Sehitlik Mosque in Berlin.



Muslims offer Eid prayers at the Jama Masjid, Delhi | Reuters

The interior of the Grand Mosque of Brussels. Belgium has withdrawn the right of residence to the mosque's longtime imam, Abdelhadi Sewif.

The Prospects for Reform in Islam

Historical and ancient mosques in Cairo.

The World's Muslims: Religion, Politics and Society

Gender Equality in Masjid Management & Importance of Segregation in Islam - Assim al hakeem

Islamic Challenges to Russia, From the Caucasus to the Volga and the Urals - Carnegie Moscow Center - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Islamic political movements[edit]

With anti-Muslim laws, Europe enters new dark age

Courtyard of Al-Azhar Mosque c. 1900

A New Plan to Create an 'Islam of France'

Violent Islamist Extremism: A Global Problem | Institute for Global Change

China's Muslims fear crackdown in ancient city of Xi'an | Cities | The Guardian

China's Muslims fear crackdown in ancient city of Xi'an | Cities | The Guardian

An illuminated minaret in Zurich. New ones are banned. Credit Alessandro Della Bella/European Pressphoto Agency

Birmingham Central Mosque leaders accused of downplaying domestic violence, forced marriage and extremism

Mosques in America today, not unlike those in Muslim history, continue the struggle to balance communal inclusivity with ritual orthodoxy.

'Muslims welcome, racists not': New Zealanders march for love as Christchurch mosques reopen week after shooting | South China Morning Post

A protestor against the backdrop of a burning flame.

It was in the summer of 1979 that Islam in Saudi Arabia became all about women. At the urging of 'Abd al-'Aziz bin Baz, then chair of the Department of ...

The Prevent strategy and the UK 'war on terror': embedding infrastructures of surveillance in Muslim communities | Palgrave Communications

The Sunni Religious Leadership in Iraq

As the Church reels, is an even larger scandal building?

Why is it taking so long to achieve gender equality in parliament?

Efforts by Women of Faith to Achieve Gender Equality

tunis forum on gender equality flyer

The reopening ceremony of the newly restored Moscow Cathedral Mosque Moscow, Russia, Sept. 23, 2015 (AP photo by Pavel Golovkin).

As a Muslim woman, I see the veil as a rejection of progressive values

Hagia Sophia was used as a church for 916 years but, following the conquest of Istanbul by Fatih Sultan Mehmed, it was converted into mosque.

This picture taken on June 26, 2017, shows a Muslim man arriving at the


a police officer outside a Quebec mosque

Photo Credit: Shiraz Chakera

Islamic Declaration Blasts Short-Sighted Capitalism, Demands Action on Climate | Common Dreams News

'Islam is in a transformative process'

Penang State Mosque, a place of worship for the official religion of Islam.

cordoba mosque

The Mosque Is Belgium's Biggest. Officials Say It's A Hotbed For Extremism.

Home Affairs Committee

Russian Muslims perform Eid al-Adha prayers that mark the end of Ramadan, Moscow, Russia, Oct. 26, 2012 (AP photo by Mikhail Metzel).

A Muslim Among Israeli Settlers

Restructuring: Islamic group, MURIC, Seeks Six Reliefs for Nigerian Muslims

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Picturing Islam in Kyrgyzstan

Gender Hierarchy in the Qur'ān

Muslim women wearing burka's in Blackburn

The gatekeepers of public debate can't patronise away anti-Muslim bigotry

The media narrative of a crisis with "radical Islam" and "radicalised Muslims" reaches new heights after each major attack in a Western country [Thierry ...

Islam in Egypt

Muslims leave the Grande Mosque de Paris on May 18, 2018 after the first Friday prayers of Ramadan | Philiipe Lopez/AFP via Getty Images

Official Islam in the Arab World: The Contest for Religious Authority - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Muslim Reform Movement embraces secularism and universal human rights

Muslims gather in Paris in September 2014 to pay a tribute to Herve Goudel, a

Brunei transgender teen seeks asylum in Canada after passing of Islamic laws to punish gays, adultery and rape with death | South China Morning Post

Discussed in this article

A year after the Quebec mosque shooting, U of T experts reflect on Islamophobia in Canada

'Met Box' at a mosque in London. This figure is covered by the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

Mosque in an Uzbek mahalla, March 2016. CRISIS GROUP/Julie David de Lossy

Hindu extremists demolish Babri mosque in Ayodhya, triggering widespread Hindu-Muslim violence in 1992

The Ground Zero Mosque, the Spread of Islam, and How America Should Deal with Such Efforts

Kilkenny mosque debate: 'This could become dangerous. Tensions could escalate'

6 major atrocities by Reza Khan Pahlavi in banning hijab for Iranian women

These tests are therefore likely to be highly counterproductive, undermining the historical tradition of the U.S. as a pluralistic, welcoming country ...

Xiaopiyuan Street Mosque.

European far-right parties have called refugees streaming into the region a 'ticking timebomb', a Muslim 'invasion' that will bankrupt nations and undermine ...

China says UN officials can visit Xinjiang as long as they 'avoid interfering in domestic matters' | South China Morning Post

Sunni Islam, transnational links, education and administrative institutions[edit]

The Denationalization of American Muslims

Standing Up in France

Prayers being offered on the last day of the holy month of Ramzan at Jama Masjid

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The Great Umayyed Mosque Of Damascus Syria 6

Muslim nations in South-East Asia have a better record of educating girls. Flickr/Andy Maluche, CC BY

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roger hayward hajia sophia

Prince William Mosque vote

The Arab-Islamic World and Global Geopolitics: Endogenous Vs. Exogenous Factors - OpenMind

Ulugh Beg Madrasa, Samarkand (est. 1422)

Today, Muslims are free to contract several marriages, but only one can have the legal standing of a civil marriage.